Jin-Ho Myung

Original Name 明星仁保
Romaji Name Jin-Ho Myung
Series Unbalance x2
Age High school senior
Date of Birth
Blood Type

Jin-Ho Myung of “Unbalance x2”: A Closer Look

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Jin-Ho Myung, a character from the manga series “Unbalance x2”, is portrayed as a high school senior in his final year. He is portrayed as someone who seems to care little about schoolwork, often dozing off in the nurse’s office or engaging in activities that are not academically productive. Despite his laid-back and seemingly apathetic demeanor, Jin-Ho shows a strong interest in film and becomes the co-founder and eventual president of the Film Studies Club. He is known to be stubborn and has a deep admiration for his homeroom teacher, Nah Hae-Young.


In middle school, Jin-Ho was known to have a delinquent streak and was often involved in fights. However, as he enters high school, his rebellious behavior subsides to some extent and he becomes engrossed in his passion for movies. Jin-Ho’s family, especially his aunt, is concerned about his penchant for fighting. Through his involvement in the Film Studies Club, Jin-Ho finds a sense of purpose and a community that shares his passion.


Details about Jin-Ho Myung’s physical appearance are not explicitly given on the MyAnimeList page. However, readers can imagine him as a typical high school student, possibly with a casual and relaxed demeanor. More information about his appearance, such as his hairstyle, clothing, or distinguishing features, can be explored through additional sources.


While the MyAnimeList page does not specifically mention any extraordinary abilities that Jin-Ho Myung possesses, it does emphasize his skill in fighting. This suggests that Jin-Ho may have honed his physical fighting skills during his middle school years. In addition, his role as president of the Film Studies Club indicates his expertise and knowledge in the field of filmmaking.


Jin-Ho Myung comes from the manga series “Unbalance x2”. Written by Dall-Young Lim and illustrated by Soo-Hyun Lee, the series explores Jin-Ho’s experiences as a high school senior and his interactions with other characters in the story. The manga delves into the complexities of relationships, personal growth and the pursuit of one’s passions, with Jin-Ho serving as the central character in this narrative.

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Jin-Ho Myung – FAQ

FAQ about Jin-Ho Myung from “Unbalance x2

Who is Jin-Ho Myung?
Jin-Ho Myung is a character in the manga series “Unbalance x2”. He is a high school student and the best friend of the main character, Jin-Ho Lee. Jin-Ho Myung plays an important role throughout the series.
What is Jin-Ho Myung’s personality like?
Jin-Ho Myung is portrayed as a loyal and supportive friend. He is kindhearted, considerate, and always willing to help Jin-Ho Lee overcome various challenges. Jin-Ho Myung is also shown to be intelligent and hardworking.
Does Jin-Ho Myung have a romantic interest?
In “Unbalance x2”, Jin-Ho Myung develops romantic feelings for a girl named Soo-Mi Lee. However, his feelings are complicated due to the complex relationships and conflicts within the story.
How does Jin-Ho Myung contribute to the story?
Jin-Ho Myung serves as an important supporting character in the drama. He provides Jin-Ho Lee with emotional support, advice, and helps him through various difficult situations. Jin-Ho Myung’s actions often influence the direction of the plot and the decisions made by the main characters.
What are Jin-Ho Myung’s strengths and weaknesses?
Jin-Ho Myung’s strengths lie in his loyalty, intelligence, and willingness to help others. He is a reliable friend and often comes up with practical solutions to problems. However, he can sometimes be overly selfless and neglect his own needs and desires.
Does Jin-Ho Myung have any notable character development?
Yes, Jin-Ho Myung undergoes character development throughout the series. He learns to prioritize his own happiness and to face his own feelings. Jin-Ho Myung’s experiences and interactions with other characters shape his growth and maturity over time.