Nadeshiko Kagamihara

Japanese Name 各務原 なでしこ
Romaji Name Nadeshiko Kagamihara
Series Yuru Camp△
Date of Birth
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The energetic camper of “Yuru Camp△”


Nadeshiko Kagamihara, a main character in the anime series “Yuru Camp△,” is portrayed as a cheerful, energetic, and often silly girl. Her exuberant nature makes her easily excitable and full of enthusiasm. Nadeshiko has a deep love of food, and her appetite is known to be quite large. Despite her occasional forgetfulness, she maintains a positive and upbeat attitude, spreading joy and laughter to those around her. Her infectious energy and friendly demeanor make her a beloved member of the camping club.



ally from Nanbucho, Nadeshiko is a transfer student at Motosu High School, where the story of “Yuru Camp△” takes place. With her outgoing personality, she quickly establishes herself as an integral part of the camping club. Nadeshiko’s passion for outdoor activities and her eagerness to explore new camping spots drive her to embark on various camping adventures with her friends.


Nadeshiko has long, pink hair, which she often wears in two ponytails held together by white, frilly scrunchies. Her light blue eyes and fair complexion complement her vibrant and lively personality. When camping, she is often seen wearing a pink plaid jacket, a light pink ruffled dress, black leggings, and green and white lace-up boots. In colder weather, she opts for dark brown boots that are rolled up, and pairs them with gray fingerless gloves and an orange scarf. At school, she wears the typical Seifuku winter uniform.


While Nadeshiko may not possess any extraordinary powers or abilities, her enthusiasm and determination drive her to overcome challenges and fully immerse herself in the camping experience. She demonstrates her resourcefulness and adaptability by quickly learning camping skills and techniques from her friends and fellow campers. Nadeshiko’s boundless energy and unwavering spirit make her a valuable asset to the Camping Club, always ready to lend a hand and support her companions.


Nadeshiko Kagamihara’s character originates from the manga and anime series “Yuru Camp△,” written and illustrated by Afro. The series follows the adventures of a group of high school girls and their shared love of camping. Nadeshiko’s character embodies the joy and excitement of outdoor exploration, showing the beauty of nature and the camaraderie that comes from shared experiences. Her interactions with other characters, especially her close friend Rin Shima, contribute to the heartwarming and relaxing atmosphere of the series.

Nadeshiko Kagamihara – FAQ

Who is Nadeshiko Kagamihara?

Nadeshiko Kagamihara is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Yuru Camp△” (also known as “Laid-Back Camp△”). She is a high school student with a cheerful and energetic personality.

What is Nadeshiko’s role in “Yuru Camp△”?

Nadeshiko is the main character of the series. She is a member of the Outdoor Activities Club and is passionate about camping and outdoor adventures. Nadeshiko’s enthusiasm for camping becomes a driving force for the group’s activities.

What are Nadeshiko’s characteristics and traits?

Nadeshiko is known for her friendly and outgoing personality. She is always cheerful and has a positive attitude that often brings joy to those around her. Nadeshiko also has a big appetite and enjoys trying out different camping recipes.

What is Nadeshiko’s relationship to Rin Shima?

Rin Shima is another main character in “Yuru Camp△” and becomes a close friend of Nadeshiko. At first, Nadeshiko admires Rin’s camping skills and seeks her advice. Over time, they develop a strong bond and often go camping together.

What are Nadeshiko’s hobbies and interests?

Nadeshiko’s main hobby is camping. She is passionate about exploring different camping spots, setting up tents, and enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking and cooking. Nadeshiko is also interested in photography and often takes pictures of scenic landscapes during her camping trips.

Is Nadeshiko an experienced camper?

At the beginning of the series, Nadeshiko has limited camping experience and relies on the guidance of others. However, she quickly learns and improves her camping skills through her enthusiasm and determination. As the series progresses, Nadeshiko becomes a capable and knowledgeable camper.