Io Otonashi

Japanese Name 音無 伊御
Romaji Name Io Otonashi
Nicknames None
Series Acchi Kocchi
Age 15-16
Weight N/A
Height 183 cm
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


Io Otonashi, a character from the anime series “Acchi Kocchi”, has a unique and fascinating personality. He is known for being dense yet kind-hearted, often oblivious to the feelings of those around him, especially Tsumiki Miniwa, who has a deep crush on him. Despite his stoic demeanor, Io has a romantic side that occasionally shines through. He is portrayed as a caring individual, though one who may not always fully grasp the emotions directed toward him.

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Io Otonashi is a student at the Nekoge Prefectural High School, where he attends classes with his friends Tsumiki Miniwa, Mayoi Katase, Hime Haruno, and Sakaki Inui. While not much is revealed about Io’s background in the anime series, his interactions with his classmates provide insight into his life and relationships. Io’s popularity among his peers is evident, and his friendship with Tsumiki is a central aspect of the story.


Io Otonashi cuts an impressive figure, standing 183 centimeters tall. He has brown hair and captivating blue eyes that add to his overall charm. Io’s physical appearance complements his calm and collected demeanor, making him an enigmatic character in the series.


In terms of abilities, Io Otonashi is portrayed as an intelligent and academically gifted student. While the series does not delve deeply into his specific talents or abilities, his intelligence is often referenced indirectly through his interactions with his classmates. Io’s abilities are not limited to academics, as his caring and considerate nature also contribute to his overall likability.


Io Otonashi is from the anime and manga series “Acchi Kocchi”. Created by Ishiki, the series revolves around the daily lives and interactions of a group of high school students, with Io serving as one of the main characters. “Acchi Kocchi” offers a lighthearted and comedic take on the slice-of-life genre, showcasing the endearing relationships and humorous situations that arise between the characters.

Io Otonashi – FAQ

Who is Io Otonashi?

Io Otonashi is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Acchi Kocchi”. He is a high school student known for his quiet and reserved demeanor.

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What are Io Otonashi’s personality traits?

Io Otonashi is often described as cool, calm, and somewhat aloof. He is known for his stoic nature and rarely shows his emotions. Despite his serious exterior, he cares deeply for his friends and has a kind heart.

What is the relationship between Io Otonashi and Tsumiki Miniwa?

Tsumiki Miniwa is one of Io Otonashi’s classmates and a love interest in “Acchi Kocchi”. Io is often the target of Tsumiki’s affectionate and sometimes clumsy advances. Although Io is mostly unaware of Tsumiki’s feelings, he values their friendship and enjoys spending time with her.

Does Io Otonashi have any special skills?

Io Otonashi is a well-rounded individual who excels in academics, sports, and various other activities. He is particularly skilled at cooking and often prepares meals for his friends. Io is also known for his impressive reflexes and is quite agile.

What are Io Otonashi’s hobbies?

Io Otonashi enjoys reading books and can often be seen with a novel in his hand. He is also interested in photography and occasionally takes pictures of his friends or scenic views. In his free time, he likes to explore new places and try different restaurants.

Is Io Otonashi involved in any school clubs or activities?

Io Otonashi is a member of his school’s gardening club. He can often be seen tending to the flowers and plants in the school garden. He also occasionally participates in other school events and festivals, showing his versatility and willingness to get involved.