Japanese Name ティラミー
Romaji Name Tiramī
Nicknames N/A
Series Amagi Brilliant Park
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Tiramie of “Amagi Brilliant Park”: A mischievous fairy mascot

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Tiramie, a character from the anime series “Amagi Brilliant Park”, is a mischievous fairy mascot known for his playful and perverted nature. Despite his cute and innocent appearance as a pink Pomeranian dog, Tiramie often shows a keen eye for young women and bewitching older women. He enjoys teasing and flirting with others, making him a source of comic relief throughout the series. Tiramie has a distinct way of ending his sentences with “Mii,” which adds to his quirky personality.


Tiramie is one of the mascots at Amagi Brilliant Park, a fictional amusement park in the anime series. As a flower fairy, she plays a supporting role in the park’s operations and entertainment. Tiramie’s main purpose is to bring joy and laughter to the visitors and to contribute to the magical and enchanting atmosphere of the park.


Tiramie takes the form of a pink Pomeranian dog, resembling a cute and fluffy toy. Although mistaken for a female cat due to his feminine features, Tiramie is actually a male character. His adorable and eye-catching design adds to his appeal as a mascot and makes him popular with both audiences and park visitors.


Although Tiramie’s abilities are not extensively explored in the anime series, his role as a flower fairy suggests a connection to nature and an affinity for flower-related activities. His presence in the park contributes to its vibrant and colorful ambiance, creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors. In addition, Tiramie’s mischievous nature and playful antics provide entertainment and amusement for both the characters in the series and the viewers.


Tiramie is a fictional character created for the anime series “Amagi Brilliant Park”. The series, developed by Kyoto Animation, follows the story of Seiya Kanie, a high school student who becomes the manager of the struggling amusement park. Tiramie’s character was brought to life to add humor and charm to the park’s lineup of mascots, further enhancing the overall experience of the series.

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Tiramie – FAQ

What is Tiramie in “Amagi Brilliant Park”?

Tiramie is a character in the anime series “Amagi Brilliant Park”. He is a fairy who serves as the mascot and manager of the park’s merchandise shop. Tiramie is known for his mischievous and flamboyant personality, which often gets him into comedic situations.

What does Tiramie look like?

Tiramie is small in stature and resembles a round, pink fairy. She has large, expressive eyes, pointed ears, and wings on her back. Tiramie is often seen wearing a colorful outfit, including a hat and cape, which adds to his whimsical appearance.

What is Tiramie’s role in the park?

Tiramie is the mascot and manager of the merchandise shop at Amagi Brilliant Park. He is responsible for selling park-themed merchandise to visitors and promoting the park’s brand. Despite his small size, Tiramie is enthusiastic and dedicated to his job.

What is Tiramie’s personality like?

Tiramie is known for his mischievous and flamboyant personality. He often speaks in a theatrical manner and loves to make witty remarks. Tiramie can be quite self-centered and tends to put his own interests ahead of others. However, he is also loyal to the park and its success.

Does Tiramie have any special powers?

While Tiramie doesn’t have any extraordinary powers, he does have some magical abilities that are typical of fairies in the Amagi Brilliant Park universe. For example, he can fly with his wings and has a keen sense of detecting magical energy. Tiramie’s main strength lies in his charisma and ability to interact with park visitors.

What interactions does Tiramie have with other characters in the series?

Tiramie has various interactions with the other characters in “Amagi Brilliant Park”. He often clashes with the park’s manager, Seiya Kanie, due to their contrasting personalities. Tiramie also forms a comedic duo with another fairy named Moffle, and has a complicated relationship with a princess named Latifa Fleuranza.