Kanade Tachibana

Japanese Name 立華 かなで / 天使
Romaji Name Tachibana Kanade / Tenshi
Nicknames Tenshi, Angel
Series Angel Beats!
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height 150 cm (4’11”)
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Kanade Tachibana


Kanade Tachibana, also known as Tenshi or Angel, is a character from the anime series “Angel Beats!”. Known for her calm and stoic demeanor, Kanade initially appears emotionless and expressionless. She rarely smiles and speaks in a soft, monotone voice. Despite her seemingly cold exterior, Kanade possesses a kind and compassionate nature, often performing acts of selflessness.


Kanade Tachibana is a main character in the anime series “Angel Beats! The story revolves around the afterlife and the battle between the SSS (Shinda Sekai Sensen) and Kanade, who is believed to be the enemy. Kanade is the student council president of the Afterlife School and is considered a mysterious figure by the SSS.


Kanade is depicted as a beautiful young girl with long silver hair that falls to her waist. In the light novel adaptation, she is often mistaken for someone with blue hair. She has captivating violet eyes that convey a sense of mystery. Kanade is of average height, standing approximately 150 cm (4’11”) tall. Her appearance exudes an air of elegance and serenity.


Kanade possesses a number of unique abilities that contribute to her formidable presence. She refers to these abilities as “guardian skills”. Some of her more notable abilities include



Kanade can summon a blade on one or both hands. These blades have the ability to slice through steel and come in various shapes.


Kanade can distort the path of bullets or projectiles, deflecting them away from her body.


This ability allows Kanade to create a clone of herself with blood-red eyes. The clones have their own consciousness and abilities.


Kanade can absorb the clones created by Harmonics back into her body.


Kanade has a passive ability that gives her superhuman strength.


By crossing her hand sonic blades, Kanade can emit powerful high-frequency sound waves to incapacitate her enemies.



Kanade can sprout wings from her back, allowing her to slow her descent and survive falls from great heights.



Kanade can unleash a powerful explosion from her back, comparable in power to a bomb.


Kanade Tachibana originated from the anime series “Angel Beats!” created by Jun Maeda and produced by P.A. Works and Aniplex. The series follows the story of high school students who have died and find themselves in the afterlife, where they must confront their past regrets before moving on. Kanade plays a pivotal role in the narrative as the student council president and the target of the SSS’s opposition.
Throughout the series, Kanade’s true nature and purpose are gradually revealed, leading to a deeper understanding of her character and her connection to the afterlife. Her complex personality, coupled with her unique abilities, contributes to the emotional and thematic depth of “Angel Beats!

Kanade Tachibana – FAQ

Who is Kanade Tachibana?

Kanade Tachibana is a fictional character from the anime and visual novel series Angel Beats! She is one of the main characters and serves as the student council president of the Afterlife School.

What are Kanade Tachibana’s special skills?

Kanade has extraordinary abilities, including the power to create Harmonics, which are powerful weapons formed from her emotions. She is also known for her exceptional fighting skills and her ability to heal wounds.

What is Kanade Tachibana’s role in the Beyond School?

Kanade serves as the student council president of the Afterlife School, and is responsible for maintaining order and ensuring that the students follow the rules. She is often referred to as “Angel” by the other characters due to her angelic appearance and abilities.

Why is Kanade Tachibana called “Angel”?

Kanade Tachibana is called “Angel” because of her serene and ethereal appearance, as well as her supernatural abilities. The other characters in the series initially see her as an enemy, but as the story progresses, they discover her true nature and motivations.

What is Kanade Tachibana’s personality like?

Kanade is initially portrayed as a stoic and emotionless character who focuses solely on her duties as student council president. However, as the series progresses, her true personality is revealed to be kind-hearted, caring, and often misunderstood due to her lack of social skills.

What is the relationship between Kanade Tachibana and the main character Otonashi?

Otonashi, the main protagonist of “Angel Beats!”, initially sees Kanade as an enemy. However, as he learns more about her past and her true intentions, a complex relationship develops between them. Otonashi becomes determined to help Kanade find peace and understand the purpose of the afterlife school.

Does Kanade Tachibana have a weakness?

Despite her formidable abilities, Kanade Tachibana has her share of weaknesses. One notable weakness is her difficulty in expressing her emotions and communicating effectively with others. This often leads to misunderstandings and conflicts with other characters.