Dark Schneider

Original Name ダーク・シュナイダー
Romaji Name Dark Schneider
Nicknames Darshu
Series Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakaishin
Age Varies (immortal)
Weight Varies
Height Varies
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Dark Tailor from “Bastard! Ankoku no Hakaishin”: A powerful and complex sorcerer

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Dark Schneider, also known as Darshu, is the main character and the most powerful sorcerer in the world in the anime and manga series “Bastard! Ankoku no Hakaishin”. His personality is multifaceted, displaying a number of traits that make him a complex and intriguing character. While possessing immense power, Dark Schneider can be incredibly evil, heartless, and lecherous. He is known for his cunning nature and strategic thinking, often using his intelligence and magical abilities to achieve his goals. Despite his dark side, Dark Schneider also has a softer side in Rushe, a kind-hearted and loyal individual who shares the same soul as Dark Schneider.


In the storyline of “Bastard! Ankoku no Hakaishin,” Dark Schneider had once nearly taken over the entire world before being imprisoned in the body of a young boy by Grand Priest Geo. Fifteen years prior to the series, he commanded an army of wizards and warriors led by the Four Divine Kings with the goal of subjugating the world under his rule. However, his plans were thwarted and he was sealed away until his eventual release.


Dark Schneider’s appearance reflects his powerful and enigmatic nature. He is often depicted with long, flowing silver hair and piercing red eyes that radiate an aura of intensity. He has a tall and well-built physique, which emphasizes his imposing presence. Dark Schneider’s clothing varies, but he is known for his ability to seemingly conjure clothing out of thin air, adding to his mystique and reinforcing his status as a formidable sorcerer.


As the most powerful sorcerer in the world, Dark Tailor possesses a vast array of magical abilities. He can manipulate fire, summon destructive forces, and cast powerful spells. His immortality gives him the ability to resurrect himself through sheer force of will. Dark Schneider’s powers are further enhanced when he is released from his seal, allowing him to regain his full strength and control over magic. His mastery of both offensive and defensive magic makes him a formidable opponent in battle.


Dark Schneider’s character and story originate from the manga series “Bastard! Ankoku no Hakaishin” by Kazushi Hagiwara. The series blends elements of dark fantasy, action, and adventure, following the journey of Dark Schneider and his allies as they face various challenges in a world filled with magic and supernatural beings. Dark Schneider’s complex personality and his quest for power and redemption contribute to the series’ intricate narrative.

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Dark Schneider – FAQ

Who is the Dark Schneider in “Bastard! Ankoku no Hakaishin”?

Dark Schneider is the main character of the manga and anime series “Bastard! Ankoku no Hakaishin”. He is a powerful and infamous wizard known for his immense magical abilities and his rebellious, anti-hero personality.

What are Dark Schneider’s powers and abilities?

Dark Schneider has a wide range of powers and abilities. He is an extremely skilled sorcerer, capable of casting destructive spells, manipulating elements, and summoning powerful creatures. He is also highly skilled in melee combat and swordplay. In addition, Dark Schneider can enter a state known as “Berserk Mode,” which greatly enhances his physical and magical abilities.

What is Dark Schneider’s personality like?

Dark Schneider is known for his rebellious and arrogant personality. He is often portrayed as a complex character with a mischievous sense of humor. Despite his anti-heroic nature, he has a strong sense of justice and loyalty to his allies, though he can be ruthless to his enemies.

What is the main plot of “Bastard! Ankoku no Hakaishin”?

“Bastard! Ankoku no Hakaishin” is set in a post-apocalyptic world and follows the story of Dark Schneider, a former wizard who was sealed away because of his immense power. After being awakened by two witches, he embarks on a quest to save the world from various demonic threats and seek revenge on those who sealed him away.

Are there any major supporting characters in “Bastard! Ankoku no Hakaishin”?

Yes, “Bastard! Ankoku no Hakaishin” has several significant supporting characters. Some of them include Arshes Nei, a skilled warrior and Dark Schneider’s love interest; Yoko, a princess with magical abilities; Gara, a powerful sorceress; and Kall-Su, Dark Schneider’s former comrade-in-arms.

Is “Bastard! Ankoku no Hakaishin” complete?

As of my knowledge in September 2021, “Bastard! Ankoku no Hakaishin” is an ongoing manga series. However, please note that the status of the series may have changed since then. It’s always a good idea to check the latest information from reliable sources.