Michiru Fukuroi

Japanese Name 袋井 満
Romaji Name Michiru Fukuroi
Nicknames Michiru the Epicure, Bossman, Mr. Delinquent
Series Bishounen Tanteidan
Age 13
Date of Birth
Blood Type

Michiru Fukuroi of “Bishounen Tanteidan

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Michiru Fukuroi is a fascinating character known for his unique personality traits. He is generally perceived as a soft-spoken and calm individual who only occasionally shows mild anger. Despite his reputation as a delinquent, Michiru possesses exceptional cooking skills, earning him the nickname “Gourmet Michiru”. He is passionate about food and is known for his fearless love of culinary adventure, even though he is lactose intolerant. Michiru’s dedication to his culinary pursuits adds a distinct flavor to his overall character.


Michiru Fukuroi is a middle school student and an integral member of the Pretty Boy Detective Club, the central focus of the “Bishounen Tanteidan” series. He is one of the five original members of the club and is often seen as the fearsome boss of the group. Despite his rebellious nature, Michiru’s exceptional cooking skills and his role as a detective show his multifaceted character. His background as a famous bad student with professional cooking skills adds depth to his personality.


Michiru Fukuroi has a distinctive appearance that complements his intriguing personality. He is depicted with fiery red hair that contrasts with his calm demeanor. His appearance reflects a sense of rebellion and uniqueness, making him visually captivating. Michiru’s clothing typically consists of school uniform, emphasizing his role as a middle school student while also showing his individuality within the group.


One of Michiru Fukuroi’s remarkable abilities is his exceptional culinary skills. Despite being a delinquent, he has a deep passion for cooking that sets him apart from others. His culinary skills allow him to create delicious dishes despite his lactose intolerance. Michiru’s culinary skills not only add depth to his character, but also contribute to the overall dynamic of the Pretty Boy Detective Club.


Michiru Fukuroi originates from the “Bishounen Tanteidan” series, where he is an essential character within the Pretty Boy Detective Club. The series, created by NISIOISIN, revolves around a group of attractive young men who form a detective club to solve various mysteries. Michiru’s presence in the club adds a unique perspective and skill set, making him an integral part of the storyline. His origin within the series shows his growth and development as a character, contributing to the overall narrative and dynamics of the group.
Please note that the information provided is based on the character description from MyAnimeList.net and may contain spoilers for those who have not seen or read the “Bishounen Tanteidan” series.

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Michiru Fukuroi – FAQ

Who is Michiru Fukuroi?

Michiru Fukuroi is a character from the anime and light novel series “Bishounen Tanteidan”. He is one of the main characters and a member of the Pretty Boy Detective Club.

What is Michiru Fukuroi known for?

Michiru Fukuroi is known for his extraordinary beauty and elegance. He is often the center of attention due to his striking appearance and charismatic personality.

What is Michiru Fukuroi’s role in the Pretty Boy Detective Club?

Michiru Fukuroi is one of the key members of the Pretty Boy Detective Club. He uses his charm, intelligence, and deduction skills to solve mysteries and assist the club in their investigations.

What are some of Michiru Fukuroi’s most notable characteristics?

Some of Michiru Fukuroi’s notable traits include his androgynous beauty, impeccable fashion sense, and ability to captivate others with his words and gestures. He is also known for his poetic and philosophical nature.

Does Michiru Fukuroi have any special skills?

While Michiru Fukuroi doesn’t possess any supernatural powers, his exceptional powers of observation and deductive reasoning make him an invaluable asset to the Pretty Boy Detective Club. He can see subtle details and connections that others might miss.

What is Michiru Fukuroi’s relationship to the other characters in “Bishounen Tanteidan”?

Michiru Fukuroi has a close relationship with the other members of the Pretty Boy Detective Club. He shares a deep bond with the protagonist, who admires and looks up to him. He also has unique dynamics and interactions with each of the other club members.