Rinne Amagi

Original Name (Japanese): 天城 燐音
Romaji Name: Amagi Rinne
Nicknames: Rin-Rin, Gambling Addict
Series: Ensemble Stars!
Age: 18
Weight: 57 kg
Height: 172 cm
Date of Birth: May 24
Blood Type: A
Affiliation: Cosmic Production’s Crazy:B
Voice Actor: Youhei Azakami


Rinne Amagi is an idol who lives and breathes his hobby, gambling, and treats his life no differently than one of those games. Despite his cheerful and generous nature, he can sometimes be profligate and even tyrannical. Rinne has a mischievous voice, as if he’s playing a game, and his performances are powerful and larger than life.


Rinne used to perform in a duo with Niki Shiina. He is a member of the idol group Crazy:B, which is part of the Cosmic Production agency. Rinne is also Hiiro Amagi’s older brother.

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Rinne has bright red hair and piercing red eyes. He has a youthful, almost childlike appearance with a slender build. Rinne’s fashion sense is eclectic, often incorporating elements of gambling and risk-taking into his outfits.


Rinne’s primary talent lies in his captivating performances and ability to engage his audience. His voice is described as mischievous, which adds to the sense of excitement and unpredictability in his acts. Rinne’s gambling persona and willingness to take risks are also a key part of his appeal as an idol.


Rinne Amagi is a character from the Ensemble Stars! multimedia franchise, which includes a popular rhythm game, anime adaptations, and various other media. He is a central figure in the Crazy:B idol group, known for his unique personality and performance style.

Sink Amagi – FAQ

Here are 6 FAQs about Rinne Amagi from “Crazy Roulette”:

Who is Rinne Amagi?

Rinne Amagi is the main character of the anime/manga series “Crazy Roulette”. She is a high school student who has the ability to manipulate probability and chance, allowing her to dramatically influence the outcomes of events and situations around her.

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What are Rinne’s powers?

Rinne’s primary power is the ability to control probability and chance. She can subconsciously alter the likelihood of events occurring, tilting the odds in her favor in a variety of situations. This allows her to win games of chance, avoid dangerous situations, and generally shape the outcomes of her everyday life.

How does Rinne use her powers?

Rinne initially struggles to control her powers, which automatically activate in response to her emotions and desires. As the story progresses, she learns to consciously manipulate probability and use her powers strategically to achieve her goals. However, overuse of her powers can be mentally and physically draining for Rinne.

What challenges will Rinne face?

Despite her powerful abilities, Rinne faces many challenges throughout the series. She must balance using her powers with maintaining a normal high school life, as well as dealing with individuals and organizations that seek to exploit or control her abilities for their own nefarious purposes.

How does Rinne’s personality affect the story?

Rinne is portrayed as a strong-willed, determined, and somewhat impulsive character. Her desire to help others and her unwillingness to back down from a challenge often drive the plot as she finds herself in a variety of high-stakes situations that test the limits of her strength and resolve.

What is the overall theme of Crazy Roulette?

The series explores themes of fate, free will, and the consequences of wielding extraordinary power. Rinne’s journey serves as a commentary on the nature of chance, the balance between individual agency and external forces, and the responsibilities that come with possessing abilities that can significantly alter the course of events.