Yuzuru Yamai

Japanese Name 八舞 夕弦
Romaji Name Yuzuru Yamai
Nicknames Berserk
Series Date A Live: Date to Date
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height 158 cm
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Yuzuru Yamai from “Date A Live: Date to Date”

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Yuzuru Yamai, also known as “Berserk”, is a spirited and outgoing character in the anime series “Date A Live: Date to Date. She has a unique personality that often tends toward immaturity and playfulness. Yuzuru exhibits traits of Chuunibyou, often using exaggerated gestures and incorporating English words into her speech. She tends to argue with her twin sister, Kaguya, and enjoys pointing out flaws in Kaguya’s arguments. Despite her seemingly childish behavior, Yuzuru is a spirited individual with a strong sense of determination.


Yuzuru Yamai is one of the main characters in the “Date A Live” series. She and her twin sister, Kaguya Yamai, were originally one spirit, but were split into two separate bodies and minds for unknown reasons. Yamai’s original personality remains unknown to the split Yamais. The Yamai sisters are known to those who are aware of the existence of ghosts, due to their tendency to cause great storms whenever they appear on Earth. Yuzuru’s background and the reasons for her split into two separate entities are shrouded in mystery.


Yuzuru Yamai has a distinct appearance that sets her apart. She has waist-length orange hair and bright blue eyes. Standing at a height of 158 cm, Yuzuru has a slender figure. She is often seen wearing her astral gown called the Elohim Tzabaoth, which complements her spirit nature. Yuzuru’s unique appearance, coupled with her energetic personality, makes her easily recognizable to fans of the series.


As a spirit, Yuzuru Yamai possesses several remarkable abilities. She is codenamed “Berserk” and is recognized as Spirit Number 8. Yuzuru wields a bow-type weapon and has demonstrated exceptional archery skills. Her angel, Raphael, further enhances her combat abilities. Yuzuru’s abilities extend beyond physical prowess, as she also possesses a high level of spiritual power. Her agility, strength, and consistency make her a formidable force in battle. Yuzuru’s abilities are rated with high risk factors, indicating the potential danger she poses.


Yuzuru Yamai originates from the light novel series “Date A Live” written by Kōshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako. The series later received an anime adaptation, including the spin-off “Date A Live: Date to Date”. Yuzuru’s character has gained popularity among fans of the franchise due to her distinctive personality, visually appealing design, and intriguing backstory. Her role as one of the main characters in the series contributes significantly to the overall narrative and adds depth to the fictional world of Date A Live.

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Yuzuru Yamai – FAQ

Who is Yuzuru Yamai in “Date A Live: Date to Date”?

Yuzuru Yamai is a character from the light novel and anime series “Date A Live: Date to Date”. She is one of the Yamai sisters, who are powerful spirits known as “Sephira”. Yuzuru is the younger of the two sisters and has a mischievous and playful personality.

What are Yuzuru Yamai’s abilities?

Yuzuru has the ability to manipulate the wind and control the weather. She can create powerful gusts of wind, summon storms, and even control lightning. Her powers make her a formidable opponent in battles against other spirits.

How does Yuzuru Yamai contribute to the plot of “Date A Live: Date to Date”?

In the “Date A Live: Date to Date” storyline, Yuzuru Yamai plays a significant role as one of the ghosts that the protagonist, Shido Itsuka, must interact with. Like other spirits in the series, Yuzuru’s actions and emotions can have a direct impact on the world, and Shido’s mission is to seal her powers by making her fall in love with him.

What is the relationship between Yuzuru Yamai and her sister, Kaguya Yamai?

Yuzuru Yamai has a deep bond with her older sister, Kaguya Yamai. They are often seen together and have a strong connection, both in terms of their powers and their personalities. Though they may bicker and disagree, their sisterly bond remains unbreakable.

What are some notable characteristics or traits of Yuzuru Yamai?

Yuzuru Yamai is known for her mischievous and playful nature. She enjoys teasing and messing with others, often using her powers to pull off playful pranks. She also has a competitive streak and loves to engage in fights to test her strength. She also has a sweet tooth and can be quite stubborn at times.

Does Yuzuru Yamai have any character development over the course of the series?

Yes, Yuzuru Yamai undergoes some character development throughout the “Date A Live: Date to Date” series. As she interacts with the protagonist, Shido Itsuka, and experiences various events, she begins to understand the importance of human emotions and develops a deeper understanding of herself and her purpose as a ghost.