Original Name ノーナー
Romaji Name Nona
Nicknames None
Series Death Parade
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Nona from “Death Parade”: A Fascinating Character Analysis

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The manager of the Arbiter System and bartender at Nona Ginta, Nona has a serious demeanor and displays a disciplined nature in her role. Despite her youthful appearance, she exudes a sense of maturity and wisdom that comes from her extensive experience as a knowledgeable Arbiter. Nona is known for her calculated approach to administering rulings and correcting mistakes made by her subordinates. She takes her responsibilities seriously and ensures that each floor under her jurisdiction is administered efficiently and fairly.


As the manager of the Arbiter System, Nona has served in this role for an impressive 82 years. She oversees the activities of Decim, Ginti, Clavis, and other Arbiters, making her the head of the entire operation. Though her background before assuming this position is not explicitly mentioned, her tenure and expertise in the system suggest that she has undergone extensive training and has a deep understanding of the complex dynamics at play in the afterlife.


Nona’s appearance adds a fascinating layer to her character. Despite her age and experience, she maintains a youthful visage. Her appearance contrasts with her serious demeanor, creating an air of mystery around her. Nona’s striking appearance, coupled with her authoritative presence, makes her a memorable character in the series.


While specific details of Nona’s abilities are not explored in detail, her role as manager of the Arbiter system implies a high level of authority and decision-making power. She possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to make judgments and oversee the entire process. Nona’s abilities likely extend beyond her managerial duties, as her experience and wisdom make her a valuable asset in the afterlife.


Nona’s origin in the context of the Death Parade universe remains largely unexplored. However, she is associated with Nona Ginta, the bar on the ninetieth floor. As the manager of this establishment, Nona plays a pivotal role in the narrative, interacting with other characters and guiding them through the intricate workings of the afterlife. Her background and connection to the Arbiter system suggest a deeper involvement with the mysteries and mechanisms that govern the afterlife.

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Nona – FAQ

FAQs about Nona from “Death Parade

Who is Nona from “Death Parade”?
Nona is a prominent character in the anime series “Death Parade”. She is the bartender and manager of Quindecim, one of the many mysterious bars in the afterlife where souls are judged.
What is Nona’s role in the afterlife?
Nona is an arbiter, responsible for overseeing the judging process of souls who arrive at Quindecim. She decides which games they must play, observes their behavior, and ultimately determines their fate.
How is Nona different from other referees?
Nona differs from other referees in her empathetic nature and compassionate approach to the judging process. She tends to question traditional methods and seeks to understand the complexity of human emotions.
Is Nona human or supernatural?
Nona is portrayed as a supernatural being in Death Parade. She possesses special abilities and knowledge related to her role as an arbiter in the afterlife.
Does Nona have any personal ties or relationships?
Nona shares a close bond with Decim, another Arbiter, and often engages in discussions and exchanges of ideas with him. Their relationship is one of mutual respect and cooperation.
What are some of Nona’s character traits?
Nona is known for her calm and collected demeanor, her wisdom, and her insightful observations. She has a deep understanding of the human psyche and is driven by a desire to ensure fair judgment in the afterlife.
Does Nona play a significant role in the overall plot of “Death Parade”?
Yes, Nona plays a pivotal role in the series. Her actions and decisions have a profound effect on the events that unfold, and she contributes to the exploration of themes such as the nature of humanity, redemption, and the afterlife.