Japanese Name 武天老師
Romaji Name Muten-Rōshi
Nicknames Kame-Sennin, Jackie Chun
Series Dragon Ball
Age Over 300 years old
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Muten-Roushi, also known as Master Roshi, is a prominent character in the popular anime and manga series Dragon Ball. Known for his wisdom, eccentricities, and martial arts prowess, Muten-Roushi plays a significant role in shaping the story and training of the series’ main protagonists. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of Muten-Roushi’s character, exploring his personality, background, appearance, abilities, and origin.

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Muten-Roushi has a unique and multifaceted personality. On the one hand, he is portrayed as a perverted old man with a penchant for beautiful women, often engaging in inappropriate behavior and making lewd comments. However, beneath the surface, Muten-Roushi is a wise and experienced martial artist who has dedicated his life to training and mentoring young warriors. He is known for his strict training methods and his ability to push his students to their limits.


Muten-Roushi’s background is shrouded in mystery. According to available information, he is an ancient and wise martial arts master who has lived for several centuries. He is the first earthling to master the powerful Kamehameha technique, which has become synonymous with the Dragon Ball series. Muten-Roushi has trained several notable characters in the series, including Grandpa Son Gohan, Ox King, Goku, Krillin and Yamcha.


In terms of appearance, Muten-Roushi is depicted as an elderly man with a short stature and frail physique. He has a bald head, a thick white beard, and wears sunglasses. Muten-Roushi is often seen wearing his trademark orange and blue martial arts gi with the kanji for “turtle” on the back, symbolizing his association with the Turtle School.


Despite his advanced age and seemingly frail appearance, Muten-Roushi is an immensely powerful martial artist. He possesses incredible strength, speed, and endurance, allowing him to hold his own against formidable opponents. Muten-Roushi’s most famous technique is the Kamehameha, a powerful wave of energy that he can unleash with devastating force. He is also proficient in various martial arts techniques and has a vast knowledge of battle strategy and tactics.


Muten-Roushi’s exact origin and the details of his early life are not extensively explored in the series. However, it is known that he trained under the tutelage of Master Mutaito, a legendary martial artist who was instrumental in defending Earth from the evil King Piccolo. Muten-Roushi inherited the teachings and techniques of his master and became a formidable warrior in his own right.

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Muten-Roushi – FAQ

Who is Muten-Roushi in “Dragon Ball”?

Muten-Roshi, also known as Master Roshi, is a fictional character from the popular manga and anime series “Dragon Ball”. He is an elderly martial arts master and the creator of the Turtle School, a renowned fighting style in the series.

What are Muten-Roshi’s special skills?

Muten-Roshi possesses immense strength and is considered one of the most powerful human fighters in the Dragon Ball universe. He is also known for his mastery of the Kamehameha, a powerful energy wave technique. In addition, he is able to use the Evil Containment Wave, a technique that can seal away evil entities.

How old is Muten-Roshi?

Muten-Roshi is portrayed as an extremely old character in the series. His exact age is not given, but he is said to be over 300 years old. Despite his age, he remains physically fit and continues to train and fight alongside his students.

What is Muten-Roshi’s personality like?

Muten-Roshi is often portrayed as a perverse and eccentric character. He has a penchant for beautiful women and often behaves inappropriately around them. However, he is also shown to be wise, knowledgeable, and caring towards his students, offering them guidance and support in their martial arts journey.

Who are some of Muten-Roshi’s notable students?

Muten-Roshi has trained several prominent characters in the “Dragon Ball” series. His most notable students are Son Goku and Krillin, both of whom go on to become powerful warriors and key protagonists in the story. He also briefly trained Yamcha, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu.

Does Muten-Roshi take part in combat?

Despite his age, Muten-Roshi occasionally participates in battles when the situation calls for it. While he may not be as powerful as some of the other characters in the series, he often uses his skills and experience to hold his own against formidable opponents. However, he usually prefers to let his students take the lead in battle.