Hae-In Cha

Original Name 차해인
Romaji Name Cha Hae-In
Nicknames Echo
Series Echo
Age 23
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


Hae-In Cha, also known as Echo, is a character from the anime series “Echo”. She has a complex and intriguing personality that adds depth to her character. Hae-In is known for her strong-willed and determined nature, which is evident in her role as Vice Guild Master of the Hunters’ Guild. She is a fierce swordswoman and a valuable member of the main raiding party.
Despite her position of power, Hae-In remains humble and dedicated to her craft. She shows great respect for her master, Song Chi-Yul, even after becoming a hunter herself. Hae-In’s loyalty is unwavering, as evidenced by her desire to join Jin-Woo’s guild, the Ahjin Guild, and her willingness to undergo a trial to prove herself.
Furthermore, Hae-In is not afraid to express her emotions. During a duel with Jin-Woo’s shadow soldier, she unexpectedly confesses her love for him, showing her vulnerable side. This shows her honesty and willingness to face her feelings openly.


Hae-In Cha’s background is closely tied to her role as a hunter in the Hunters’ Guild. She holds the prestigious position of Vice Guild Master and is revered as the only S-rank female hunter in South Korea. Her exceptional skills and rank make her a formidable force in the hunter world.
Despite her impressive accomplishments, Hae-In remains grounded and focused on her duties. She hones her skills through rigorous training and seeks guidance from her master, Song Chi-Yul. Her commitment to self-improvement and dedication to her craft have contributed to her rise in the ranks.


Hae-In Cha has a striking appearance that complements her strong and determined personality. She is portrayed as a young woman with a slender yet athletic build. Her distinctive features include long, flowing hair and piercing eyes that reflect her unwavering determination.
As a swordswoman, Hae-In is often seen in battle-ready attire. Her outfits are a combination of protective armor and sleek, practical clothing that allows for freedom of movement during combat. Her appearance exudes confidence and strength, emphasizing her role as a skilled and respected hunter.


Hae-In Cha possesses exceptional skills that contribute to her reputation as one of the most powerful hunters in South Korea. Her mastery of the sword is evident in her swift and precise movements. Through her training under Song Chi-Yul, she has developed a unique style that combines grace with deadly efficiency.
One of Hae-In’s most notable abilities is her mana-sensitive condition centered around her nose, known as Mana Smell. This ability allows her to detect the presence of mana and determine its quality. While most high-ranking hunters emit an unpleasant odor to her, Jin-Woo’s smell is an exception, making him stand out to her.
In addition to her swordsmanship, Hae-In has other formidable skills. She is adept at stealth, able to approach others unnoticed until she reveals herself. She also possesses the Tremor of Provocation, a powerful ability that allows her to create tremors and disrupt enemies over a wide area.


Hae-In Cha is from the anime series “Echo”. She is a fictional character created within the context of the show’s storyline. Her character development, backstory, and abilities are intricately woven into the narrative and contribute to the overall plot and dynamics of the series.
As a member of the Hunters’ Guild, Hae-In’s origins lie in the world of hunters and their ongoing battle against various threats. Her journey, growth, and interactions with other characters shape her identity as Echo and contribute to the overarching narrative of the anime.


The above information is based on the character profile of Hae-In Cha (Echo) from MyAnimeList.net.

Hae-In Cha – FAQ

FAQs about Hae-In Cha from “Echo

Who is Hae-In Cha?
Hae-In Cha is the protagonist of the novel “Echo”. She is a young woman in her early twenties who embarks on a journey to discover the truth about her family’s past.
What is Hae-In’s motivation in Echo?
Hae-In’s main motivation in “Echo” is to understand her family’s history and the secrets that have been kept from her. She is determined to find answers and discover her true identity.
How does Hae-In’s personality develop throughout the story?
Hae-In begins the story as a cautious and reserved individual, but as she delves deeper into her family’s past, she becomes more courageous and determined. She grows emotionally and gains a sense of purpose.
What challenges does Hae-In face on her journey?
Hae-In faces many challenges during her journey in Echo. She encounters obstacles such as hidden family secrets, mysterious characters, and dangerous situations that test her resilience and determination.
Does Hae-In have allies or companions on her quest?
Yes, Hae-In forms alliances with several people who help her in her quest for the truth. These allies provide her with support, knowledge, and sometimes even protection as she unravels the mysteries surrounding her family.
Is there a romantic element to Hae-In’s story?
Yes, there is a romantic element to Hae-In’s story. She develops a connection with a character, and their relationship adds depth and complexity to her journey, intertwining personal growth with her search for answers.