Re-l Mayer

Original Name リル・メイヤー
Romaji Name Re-l Mayer
Nicknames Real
Series Ergo Proxy
Age 19
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Re-l Mayer, a character from the anime series “Ergo Proxy”, is portrayed as the embodiment of a no-nonsense personality. As an inspector for the Citizen Intelligence Bureau, she is responsible for investigating a series of brutal murders committed by AutoReivs infected with the Cogito virus. Re-l is portrayed as a strong-willed and assertive individual who expects respect from those around her. She often addresses Vincent, one of the main protagonists, with the honorific “o-mae”. Despite her privileged status as the granddaughter of Romdo’s regent, Donov Mayer, Re-l shows a certain curiosity and determination to uncover the truth behind the mysteries surrounding the Proxies.

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Re-l Mayer hails from Romdo, a city-state in the post-apocalyptic world of Ergo Proxy. She is the granddaughter of Donov Mayer, the Regent of Romdo, which gives her a position of influence and authority within the city. As an investigator for the Citizen Intelligence Bureau, Re-l is tasked with solving the mysterious murders committed by infected AutoReivs. Her background and upbringing in Romdo’s privileged environment shape her expectations and demeanor as she navigates the challenges and dangers that arise throughout the series.


Re-l Mayer is portrayed as a young woman with black hair, often styled in a short bob. She wears black clothing and is known for her distinctive blue eye shadow, which adds to her mysterious and enigmatic allure. Her appearance reflects her serious and focused personality, as well as her role as an investigator in the dystopian world of Ergo Proxy.


While Re-l Mayer has no supernatural or extraordinary abilities, she demonstrates intelligence, resourcefulness, and keen observation throughout the series. As an inspector, she relies on her analytical mind and deductive reasoning to uncover the truth behind the mysteries she encounters. Re-l’s investigative skills make her a valuable asset in solving the crimes committed by infected AutoReivs and unraveling the secrets of the Proxies.


Re-l Mayer is from the anime series “Ergo Proxy”, created by Manglobe and directed by Shukou Murase. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity lives in domed cities and mysterious beings known as Proxies play a central role in the narrative. Re-l’s character development and journey revolve around her search for the truth, her growth as an individual, and her evolving relationships with other characters in the series.


The information provided is based on the character profile of Re-l Mayer from and the anime series “Ergo Proxy”.

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Re-l Mayer – FAQ

Who is Re-l Mayer?

Re-l Mayer is one of the main characters in the anime series “Ergo Proxy”. She is an investigator working for the Citizen Intelligence Bureau in the domed city of Romdo.

What is Re-l Mayer’s role in “Ergo Proxy”?

Re-l Mayer’s role in “Ergo Proxy” is that of an investigator. She is assigned to investigate a series of mysterious murders that occur in Romdo and eventually becomes entangled in a larger conspiracy.

What are Re-l Mayer’s personality traits?

Re-l Mayer comes across as a strong-willed and independent character. She is often serious and determined in her pursuit of the truth. Re-l can be somewhat cold and distant, but she also possesses a curious and questioning nature.

What is the relationship between Re-l Mayer and Vincent Law?

Re-l Mayer’s relationship with Vincent Law, another main character in “Ergo Proxy”, evolves over the course of the series. At first she sees him as a potential suspect in the murders she is investigating, but later she develops a complex and emotional relationship with him.

What does Re-l Mayer’s name mean?

The name “Re-l Mayer” has a symbolic meaning in “Ergo Proxy”. The “Re-l” part of her name suggests a connection to the concept of reality, while “Mayer” is a Hebrew name meaning “enlightened. This reflects her role as an investigator seeking the truth in a world filled with mystery and illusion.

Does Re-l Mayer have any special abilities?

Re-l Mayer does not possess any extraordinary abilities in terms of superpowers or supernatural abilities. However, she is highly intelligent and skilled at investigation and deduction, making her a formidable investigator.

Does Re-l Mayer go through any character development?

Yes, Re-l Mayer undergoes significant character development throughout the series. Her experiences and encounters challenge her worldview and beliefs, causing her to question the nature of the world she lives in and her own identity.