Aiichirou Nitori

Original Name 似鳥 愛一郎
Romaji Name Aiichirou Nitori
Nicknames Ai
Series Free!
Age Varies throughout the series (high school student)
Weight 57 kg
Height 168 cm
Date of Birth January 4
Blood Type Unknown


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The dedicated swimmer of “Free!”


Aiichirou Nitori, a character from the anime series “Free!”, has a kind-hearted and hardworking personality. As a member of the swim team at Samezuka Academy, he shows unwavering dedication to his sport. Nitori is known for his hardworking nature and strong sense of responsibility, which is evident in his commitment to the swim club. He is a dependable and supportive teammate who is always willing to lend a helping hand to his friends.


Nitori is a first-year student at Samezuka Academy and the roommate of Rin Matsuoka, one of the main characters of the series. When the third year students graduate, Rin asks Nitori to take on the role of the new captain of the swim club, showing the trust and respect he has earned within the team. Throughout the series, Nitori’s growth as a swimmer and as an individual is depicted, highlighting his determination to achieve his goals.


Standing at 168 cm and weighing 57 kg, Nitori has a lean and athletic physique. He has short, dark blue hair and captivating blue eyes. Nitori’s appearance is often complemented by his Samezuka Academy swim team uniform, which consists of a blue and white jacket and matching swim trunks. His overall appearance reflects his energetic and youthful spirit.


Nitori’s main focus is competitive swimming. Although he is a first-year student, he demonstrates considerable skill and determination in the pool. While his exact swimming skills are not detailed, Nitori’s commitment to training and his supportive role within the team illustrate his competence as a swimmer. His dedication and perseverance contribute to his growth as an athlete throughout the series.

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Aiichirou Nitori is a fictional character introduced in the anime series “Free!”. He first appears in the second season, “Free! Eternal Summer,” and continues to play a major supporting role in subsequent seasons and films. Created by Kyoto Animation, “Free!” revolves around the lives of competitive swimmers and their pursuit of success and personal growth.
Nitori’s character development, relationships, and contributions to the Samezuka Academy swim team make him an integral part of the series. His portrayal as a dedicated and hardworking individual resonates with fans of the show and demonstrates the importance of teamwork and personal growth in competitive sports.

Aiichirou Nitori – FAQ

Who is Aiichirou Nitori?

Aiichirou Nitori is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Free! He is a competitive swimmer and a member of the Iwatobi High School swim team.

What is Aiichirou Nitori’s role in the “Free!” series?

Aiichirou Nitori is a supporting character in the Free! series. He initially joins the Iwatobi High School swim team as a manager, but later becomes a swimmer and competes alongside the main characters.

What are Aiichirou Nitori’s personality traits?

Aiichirou Nitori is known to be hardworking, diligent, and somewhat reserved. He is often seen as intelligent and analytical, with a strong desire to improve his swimming skills. He is also known to be very loyal and supportive of his teammates.

What is Aiichirou Nitori’s swimming specialty?

Aiichirou Nitori specializes in the butterfly stroke. He is particularly skilled in this style and has a natural talent for it.

Does Aiichirou Nitori have any notable achievements in swimming?

While Aiichirou Nitori may not have won as many awards as some of the main characters in the series, he does make significant progress in his swimming skills over the course of the story. His dedication and hard work allow him to become a valuable asset to the Iwatobi High School swim team.

Does Aiichirou Nitori have any notable relationships with other characters?

Aiichirou Nitori has a close friendship with Rin Matsuoka, one of the main characters in the series. They have known each other since childhood and support each other’s goals and aspirations. Aiichirou also forms friendships with other members of the Iwatobi High School swim team, such as Haruka Nanase and Makoto Tachibana.