Japanese Name 定春
Romaji Name Sadaharu
Nicknames Sadaemon Wolf The Mask
Series Gintama
Age N/A (fictional character)
Weight 300 kg
Height 170 cm
Date of Birth February 25
Blood Type N/A (fictional character)


The lovable Inugami from Gintama

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Sadaharu, the beloved character from the anime series Gintama, is known for his unique personality traits. Despite his intimidating size and appearance as a giant dog, Sadaharu is actually an Inugami, a divine dog in Japanese folklore. He is a member and pet of the Yorozuya and serves as their mascot. Sadaharu’s personality can be described as loyal, protective, and occasionally mischievous. While Kagura usually takes care of him, Sakata Gintoki sometimes finds himself reluctantly taking him for a walk. Sadaharu has become an integral part of the Yorozuya family, and his presence brings a sense of warmth and humor to the series.


Sadaharu’s origin story adds a fascinating layer to his character. He was originally left in front of Gintoki’s apartment in a box marked “To Mr. Freelancer”. Although his arrival was unexpected, Sadaharu quickly became a valued member of the Yorozuya. He was named by Kagura, who chose the name as a tribute to her first pet, a rabbit she accidentally killed during a nightmare. Originally owned by a pair of miko sisters, Sadaharu was first named Kamiko. Over time, he adapted to his new surroundings and formed deep bonds with his human companions.


Sadaharu’s physical appearance is striking and memorable. Standing taller than most humans when seated on his haunches, he has the appearance of a giant dog. With his fluffy white fur and expressive eyes, Sadaharu has a distinct charm that endears him to his fans. Despite his size, he can display a surprising amount of agility and grace. Sadaharu’s appearance adds both comedic and heartwarming moments to the series, especially when he interacts with the other characters.


While Sadaharu may appear formidable, he has a surprisingly gentle and affectionate nature. He has a habit of chewing on anything smaller than himself, including Gintoki’s and other people’s heads, which adds a comedic element to his character. Kagura, with her immense strength, is the only one who can effectively control Sadaharu, although he occasionally chews on her as well. As the series progresses, Sadaharu’s initially dangerous tendencies subside, and he becomes a reliable ally who assists the main characters in various adventures and battles.


Sadaharu’s popularity extends beyond the boundaries of the Gintama series. He has become an iconic character, beloved by fans for his unique design and lovable personality. Sadaharu’s portrayal as an inugami, a mythical creature from Japanese folklore, adds an air of mysticism and cultural significance to his character. Throughout Gintama’s run, Sadaharu has gained a dedicated fanbase who appreciate his comedic antics and his role as a loyal companion to the Yorozuya.

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Sadaharu – FAQ

Who is Sadaharu in “Gintama”?

Sadaharu is a character in the anime and manga series “Gintama”. He is a large, white-furred dog with a gentle temperament and incredible strength.

How did Sadaharu become part of the main characters’ group?

Sadaharu was first found by the main characters, specifically Shinpachi Shimura, while they were working at the Yorozuya, a freelance odd job shop. They took him in and he quickly became an integral member of their group.

What are Sadaharu’s skills and powers?

Sadaharu possesses immense physical strength, able to effortlessly overpower opponents and destroy objects with ease. He also has sharp fangs and claws, which he occasionally uses in battle. In addition, Sadaharu has heightened senses of smell and hearing.

Does Sadaharu have any unique characteristics or quirks?

Sadaharu is known for his insatiable appetite and love of food, especially sweets and snacks. He tends to eat everything in sight and can consume large amounts of food. He is also quite playful and enjoys spending time with the main characters.

How does Sadaharu interact with the other characters?

Sadaharu is generally friendly and affectionate to the other characters. He often provides emotional support and comfort, especially in difficult situations. While his size and strength can be intimidating, he is incredibly gentle and protective of his friends.

Are there any notable storylines or episodes involving Sadaharu?

Throughout the series, Sadaharu is involved in various comedic and action-packed storylines. Some notable episodes include his introduction and initial recruitment into the Yorozuya, his encounters with other animal characters, and his participation in battles against powerful enemies.