Shinpachi Shimura

Japanese Name 志村 新八
Romaji Name Shinpachi Shimura
Nicknames Shin-chan, Shin, Pattsuan, Megane, Pachie, Shintank, Watson, Pasta
Series Gintama
Age 16, 18 (Silver Soul Aftermath), 21-22 (Be Forever Yorozuya)
Weight 55 kg
Height 166 cm
Date of Birth August 12
Blood Type Unknown



The samurai-in-training from Gintama


Shinpachi Shimura, from the popular anime series Gintama, is a character known for his kindness and dedication. Despite his gentle appearance, Shinpachi has a strong sense of justice and a determined spirit. He often serves as the voice of reason within the Yorozuya, the group of oddballs to which he belongs, providing a much-needed reality check to his eccentric companions. Shinpachi is known for his loyalty, integrity, and unwavering commitment to his friends and ideals.


Born on August 12th under the sign of Leo, Shinpachi comes from a samurai family. He initially resided in his family’s dojo, where he trained in the Kakidō-Ryu style of swordsmanship. However, his life took an unexpected turn when he met Gintoki Sakata, the protagonist of Gintama, after being tripped by an ambassador. This encounter led to a series of events that eventually led to Shinpachi joining the Yorozuya and having various misadventures throughout the series.


Shinpachi Shimura stands 166 cm tall and weighs approximately 55 kg. He is a young man of average build with short, dark brown hair and bespectacled eyes. Shinpachi is often seen wearing his signature blue and white kimono, reflecting his samurai heritage. While his appearance may be unassuming, his swordsmanship and determination are not to be underestimated.


As a member of the Yorozuya, Shinpachi Shimura possesses remarkable martial arts skills. Trained in the Kakidō-Ryu style, he wields a katana in battle and displays skillful swordsmanship. Though not on a par with the likes of Gintoki Sakata, Shinpachi’s dedication and training allow him to hold his own in combat situations. His analytical mind and strategic thinking also contribute to his effectiveness as a fighter, making him a valuable asset to the Yorozuya team.


Shinpachi Shimura’s character in Gintama is inspired by historical and fictional figures. His name is influenced by Nagakura Shinpachi, a member of the Shinsengumi, a special police force during Japan’s Bakumatsu period. Additionally, comedian Ken Shimura served as a comedic inspiration for Shinpachi’s character, reflected in his comedic moments and his role as the series’ straight man.

Shinpachi Shimura – FAQ

Who is Shinpachi Shimura?

Shinpachi Shimura is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Gintama”. He is one of the main protagonists and a member of the Yorozuya, a group of freelance odd-jobbers. Shinpachi is known for his glasses, his serious demeanor, and his role as the straight man in comedic situations.

What is Shinpachi’s role in the Yorozuya?

Shinpachi is an integral member of the Yorozuya and plays a vital role in the group’s operations. He often serves as the voice of reason and mediator between the eccentric personalities of his fellow members, Gintoki Sakata and Kagura. Shinpachi is responsible for handling administrative tasks, managing the Yorozuya’s finances, and acting as a swordsman when the situation calls for it.

What are Shinpachi’s special characteristics?

Shinpachi is known for several distinct characteristics. First, he is often seen wearing his signature black-rimmed glasses, which he uses to correct his eyesight. Second, Shinpachi is portrayed as a serious and responsible individual, often serving as the voice of logic and reason within the Yorozuya. Finally, he possesses exceptional swordsmanship skills, though he is an amateur compared to his more experienced companions.

What is Shinpachi’s relationship to Gintoki Sakata?

Shinpachi has a close relationship with Gintoki Sakata, the leader of the Yorozuya. While they have a mentor-student dynamic, their bond goes beyond that. Gintoki often serves as a source of guidance and inspiration for Shinpachi, teaching him valuable life lessons and sharing his unique worldview. Despite their occasional arguments and comedic banter, Gintoki and Shinpachi share a deep respect and friendship.

What is the relationship between Shinpachi and Kagura?

Shinpachi and Kagura have a sibling relationship within the Yorozuya. While they often bicker and tease each other, they genuinely care for each other. Shinpachi acts as a responsible older brother figure to Kagura, looking out for her and occasionally scolding her for her reckless behavior. Despite their differences, they share a strong bond and work together to support the Yorozuya’s efforts.

Does Shinpachi have any notable arcs or character development?

Yes, Shinpachi undergoes significant character development throughout the series. One notable arc focused on Shinpachi’s desire to become a stronger swordsman and protect those he loves. Through various challenges and experiences, he hones his skills and gains confidence in his abilities. In addition, Shinpachi’s encounters with past acquaintances and personal struggles contribute to his growth as a character, emphasizing his commitment to the Yorozuya and his determination to protect his friends.