Sougo Okita

Japanese Name 沖田 総悟
Romaji Name Okita Sougo
Nicknames Sogo Okita
Sougo Okita
Prince Hata’s Lap Dog
Series Gintama
Age 18
Weight Unknown
Height 170 cm
Date of Birth July 8
Blood Type O

Sougo Okita – FAQ

Who is Sougo Okita in “Gintama”?

Sougo Okita is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Gintama”. He is a member of the Shinsengumi, a police force in the series, and holds the rank of First Division Captain.

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What are Sougo Okita’s personality traits?

Sougo Okita is known for his sadistic and twisted sense of humor. He often displays a cheerful and friendly demeanor, but can be incredibly violent and ruthless when provoked. He enjoys taunting and teasing others, especially his fellow Shinsengumi members.

What are Sougo Okita’s fighting skills?

Sougo Okita is an exceptional swordsman known for his incredible skill with a katana. He is considered one of the strongest members of the Shinsengumi and is often seen effortlessly defeating his opponents in battle.

What is the relationship between Sougo Okita and the main character, Gintoki Sakata?

Sougo Okita and Gintoki Sakata have a complicated relationship. While they are often at odds with each other and have frequent verbal and physical confrontations, there is also a mutual respect and understanding between them. They occasionally team up to face common enemies when the situation calls for it.

Does Sougo Okita have any notable quirks or habits?

Sougo Okita is known for his habit of carrying around a bazooka-like weapon called the “Mitsuba Bazooka”, which he often uses to shoot other characters for comedic effect. He also has a fondness for mayonnaise and is often seen eating it straight from the jar.

Does Sougo Okita have any major arcs in “Gintama”?

Yes, Sougo Okita has several notable arcs in Gintama that explore his character and background. One of the most significant arcs is the “Farewell, Shinsengumi” arc, which delves into his past and sheds light on his relationship with his sister, Mitsuba Okita.

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