Akira Kunimi

Japanese Name 国見 英
Romaji Name Kunimi Akira
Nicknames None
Series Haikyuu!!
Age Not specified
Weight 66.1 kg
Height 182.8 cm
Date of Birth March 25
Blood Type Not specified


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A Character Analysis from “Haikyuu!!”


Akira Kunimi, a supporting character in the popular sports anime “Haikyuu!!”, has a quiet and indifferent personality. While his reserved demeanor may initially give the impression of laziness, it is primarily a reflection of his laid-back nature. Kunimi tends to be casual and rarely shows his emotions, often wearing a calm expression. However, if the situation calls for it, he can muster a smile. Despite his apparent aloofness, Kunimi has been shown to be intelligent, though the extent of his intellectual abilities remains relatively unknown.


Akira Kunimi is a freshman at Aobajousai High School and a former member of Kitagawa Daiichi. As the starting outside hitter for the Aobajousai Boys’ Volleyball Club, he contributes to the team’s success. Outside of his volleyball activities, little is known about Kunimi’s personal background, such as his upbringing or family life.


Kunimi is depicted as a tall individual, standing at a height of 182.8 cm. He has a slender build and weighs approximately 66.1 kg. With his medium-length dark hair and calm expression, Kunimi exudes a sense of serenity. He is usually seen wearing the Aobajousai High School volleyball uniform.


In terms of athletic ability, Kunimi possesses well-rounded skills. His ability parameters, rated on a scale of 1 to 5, show a balanced proficiency in various aspects. Kunimi has a power rating of 3, which shows his strength on the court. His Jump, Stamina, Technique and Speed are also rated at 3, indicating a decent level of proficiency in these areas. In addition, Kunimi’s Intellect is rated at 5, indicating his strategic thinking and understanding of the game.

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Akira Kunimi first appears in the anime and manga series “Haikyuu!!”, created by Haruichi Furudate. He makes his debut as a supporting character in the first season of the anime and continues to play a role in subsequent seasons, including “Haikyuu!! Second Season” and “Haikyuu!! To the Top”. Kunimi’s portrayal in the series shows his contributions as a member of the Aobajousai High School volleyball team, adding depth to the overall narrative.

Akira Kunimi – FAQ

Who is Akira Kunimi in “Haikyuu!!”?

Akira Kunimi is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Haikyuu!!” created by Haruichi Furudate. He is a third year student at Aoba Johsai High School and plays as a wing spiker on the school’s volleyball team.

What is Akira Kunimi’s personality like?

Akira Kunimi is known for his relaxed and somewhat apathetic personality. He often seems disinterested and aloof, which can sometimes be mistaken for laziness. However, he is a skilled player and has a certain level of dedication to volleyball.

What are Akira Kunimi’s strengths as a volleyball player?

Akira Kunimi’s main strength is his receiving skills. He has excellent reflexes and is able to make accurate passes, making him a reliable defensive player. His consistent receiving contributes to the team’s overall stability on the court.

Does Akira Kunimi have any weaknesses in his style of play?

One of Akira Kunimi’s weaknesses is his lack of confidence. He often doubts his abilities and can become hesitant at crucial moments in matches. This self-doubt can sometimes affect his performance and limit his potential as a player.

What is Akira Kunimi’s role in the Aoba Johsai volleyball team?

Akira Kunimi plays as a wing spiker, specifically as a left wing spiker. He focuses primarily on receiving and defense, providing a solid foundation for the team’s offense. He may not be the most flashy player, but his contributions are vital to the team’s success.

Does Akira Kunimi have any notable relationships with other characters?

Akira Kunimi is good friends with his third year teammate, Issei Matsukawa. They often share a relaxed attitude and have a close bond. Akira also has a respectful relationship with the team captain, Toru Oikawa, and looks up to him as a reliable leader.