Remina Kanbe

Original Name 神戸麗美奈
Romaji Name Kanbe Remina
Nicknames The Strange Lolita
Series Ibitsu
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Remina Kanbe from “Ibitsu”: A mysterious and enigmatic antagonist

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Remina Kanbe, also known as Strange Lolita, is the main antagonist of the horror manga series “Ibitsu”. She has a deeply disturbing and enigmatic personality. Remina is portrayed as a mysterious and sinister character who stalks the protagonist relentlessly. Her actions and behavior are shrouded in ambiguity, adding to her eerie and unnerving presence throughout the story.


Not much is revealed about Remina Kanbe’s background in the “Ibitsu” manga. She is presented as an urban legend in Tokyo, and her true origins remain largely unknown. Remina assumes the identity of the real Remina Kanbe, further blurring the lines between reality and fiction. Her mysterious past adds to the overall atmosphere of mystery and horror surrounding her character.


Remina Kanbe’s appearance is distinctive and adds to her eerie aura. She is portrayed as a strange Lolita girl with pale skin and long, dark hair. Her clothing typically consists of a ruffled dress and doll-like accessories, emphasizing her unsettling appearance. The juxtaposition of her innocent appearance with her malevolent actions creates a chilling contrast that adds to the horror of the story.


While Remina Kanbe’s specific abilities are not explicitly mentioned in the available sources, her actions and behavior suggest a certain level of supernatural ability. She exhibits a relentless and persistent stalking behavior that instills fear and anxiety in the protagonist. Remina’s ability to manipulate her identity and assume the persona of other characters demonstrates her deceptive nature and hints at her potential for psychological manipulation.


The true origin of Remina Kanbe in the “Ibitsu” manga is shrouded in mystery. She is a character deeply rooted in the urban legend and horror genres. Her existence as an enigmatic and haunting figure adds to the intrigue and suspense of the story. As the series progresses, the reader is left to ponder Remina’s true nature and the source of her malevolence.

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Remina Kanbe – FAQ

Who is Remina Kanbe?

Remina Kanbe is a fictional character from the horror manga series “Ibitsu” created by Haruto Ryo. She is one of the main characters of the story.

What is Remina’s role in “Ibitsu”?

Remina is the protagonist of “Ibitsu”. She is a high school student who becomes the target of a mysterious and terrifying woman known as “Ibitsu”, which means “distorted” or “twisted” in Japanese.

What is Remina’s personality like?

Remina is portrayed as a brave and determined young girl. Despite facing many horrors and challenges throughout the story, she shows resilience and refuses to give up.

How does Remina get involved with “Ibitsu”?

Remina’s involvement with “Ibitsu” begins when she discovers an abandoned doll on the street and takes it home. Unbeknownst to her, the doll is cursed and this leads to her encounter with the terrifying entity known as “Ibitsu”.

What are Remina’s motivations in the story?

Remina’s main motivation is survival. When she becomes the target of “Ibitsu,” she strives to protect herself and uncover the truth behind the curse. She also tries to save others who have fallen victim to “Ibitsu’s” wrath.

Does Remina have any allies in her fight against “Ibitsu”?

Yes, Remina forms an alliance with a classmate named Kazuki, who becomes her main source of support and help throughout the story. Together, they face the horrors that “Ibitsu” has brought upon them.