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Kenpuu Denki Berserk

God Hand

God Hand ゴッド・ハンド Guardian Angels of Desire (欲望の守護天使) Sovereigns of the Supreme Beings Great Ones First appearance “Guardian Angels of Desire” The God Hand is a group of sinister and powerful beings who directly serve the “Lord” – the Idea of Evil. The God Hand directs human history and plays with people’s fates. Throughout history, […]

Skull Knight

Skull Knight 髑髏の騎士 Basics Status Undead Anatomy Kind Animated skeletal armor Gender Male Eye color Glowing red Unique traits ~1,000 y/o, elfin-esque aura Relationships Allies Flora Gedfring Hanarr Black Swordsman Party Enemies God Hand Apostles Capabilities Weapon(s) of choice Thorned sword/Sword of Beherits Fighting styles Swordsmanship Strengths Spatial manipulation (via Sword of Beherits) Prestige Occupation […]