Katejina Loos

Original Name (Japanese): カテジナ・ルース
Romaji Name: Katejina Rūsu
Nicknames: None
Series: Mobile Suit Victory Gundam
Age: 17
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Katejina Loos is a strong-willed and complex character in the Mobile Suit Victory Gundam series. Initially, she disapproves of the League Militaire’s reliance on young Uso Evin as a Gundam pilot, seeing it as taking a toll on his mind and body. After being captured by the Zanscare Empire, her attraction to Lieutenant Cronicle Asher and her growing hatred for Uso begin to shape her personality. She becomes a dangerous Zanscare loyalist, driven by her personal support for Maria’s matriarchal ideals and her admiration for Cronicle. Her battles with Uso showcase her skills as a mobile suit ace, even as she manages to kill several members of the Shrike team and Odelo Henrik.


Katejina is a seventeen-year-old girl from the city of Woowing. She was separated from her parents during the invasion and destruction of her hometown by the BESPA forces of the Zanscare Empire. This traumatic event led her to join the League Militaire, where she met and became pen pals with Uso Evin.

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Katejina is described as a strong-willed and attractive young woman. She has long, dark hair that she often wears in a bun. Her appearance evolves over the course of the series as she transitions from the League Militaire to the Zanscare Empire, where she wears the uniform of a Zanscare soldier.


Katejina’s most notable ability is her skill as a mobile suit pilot. After being captured by the Zanscare Empire, she undergoes training and becomes a mobile suit ace, capable of defeating several members of the Shrike Team and Odelo Henrik in battle. Her skills and loyalty to the Zanscare Empire make her a formidable opponent for Uso and the League Militaire.


Katejina Loos is a central character in the Mobile Suit Victory Gundam series created by Yoshiyuki Tomino. She serves as a complex and tragic rival to the protagonist, Uso Evin, as her personal journey leads her to betray the League Militaire and join the Zanscare Empire, eventually fighting Uso on several occasions.

Katejina Loos – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Katejina Loos from “Kidou Senshi Victory Gundam”:

Who is Katejina Loos?

Katejina Loos is a main character in the anime series “Kidou Senshi Victory Gundam”. She is a Newtype pilot who starts out as a member of the Zanscare Empire, but later defects to the League Militaire, the main opposing force against the Zanscare Empire.

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What is Katejina’s role in the story?

Katejina plays a pivotal role in the events of Victory Gundam. She is first introduced as a skilled Newtype pilot fighting for the Zanscare Empire, but she becomes disillusioned with their cause and eventually switches sides to join the League Militaire. Her Newtype and pilot skills make her an invaluable asset to the League Militaire in their battle against the Zanscare forces.

What are Katejina’s motivations and character development?

Katejina’s character undergoes significant development throughout the series. She begins as a loyal follower of the Zanscare Empire, but gradually comes to question their methods and ideals. Her defection to the League Militaire is driven by her growing sense of morality and her desire to fight for a cause she believes in, rather than one that has been imposed on her.

How do Katejina’s newtype abilities play into the story?

Katejina’s Newtype abilities play a crucial role in the events of “Victory Gundam. As a powerful Newtype, she is able to pilot advanced mobile suits and even communicate with the main protagonist, Uso Ewin, who is also a Newtype. Her Newtype powers allow her to gain a deeper understanding of the conflict and the motivations of the various factions involved.

What is Katejina’s relationship to other key characters in the series?

Katejina has complex relationships with several other major characters in Victory Gundam. Her initial rivalry and antagonism with Uso Ewin eventually evolves into a more nuanced and even sympathetic bond as they come to understand each other better. She also has a complicated history with several Zanscare commanders, including her former mentor, Cronicle Asher.

How does Katejina’s character contribute to the overall themes of the series?

Katejina’s character arc is closely tied to the broader themes of “Victory Gundam,” which include the nature of war, the consequences of blind loyalty, and the importance of individual agency. Her personal journey from Zanscare loyalist to defector fighting for the League Militaire reflects the series’ exploration of these themes and the moral complexities of the conflict.