Kirika Yuumura

Original Name 夕叢 霧香
Romaji Name Yuumura Kirika
Nicknames Noir
Series Noir
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Kirika Yuumura – The enigmatic assassin from “Noir

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Kirika Yuumura, also known as Noir, is a character from the anime series “Noir”. She has a mysterious and enigmatic personality, shrouded in both her past and her amnesia. At first, Kirika appears to be a quiet and reserved individual, often showing a lack of emotion due to her fragmented memories. However, beneath her calm exterior lies a determined and skilled assassin, driven by her quest to uncover the truth about her identity and her past.


Kirika Yuumura’s background is shrouded in mystery, largely due to her amnesia. Awakening with no memory of her past, she embarked on a journey to recover her memories and discover her true origins. Kirika’s first major step was to contact renowned assassin Mireille Bouquet through a suggestive email, inviting her to join her on a pilgrimage to the past. Together they formed a partnership under the codename Noir, working as assassins while searching for answers.


Kirika Yuumura has a deceptively frail and waifish appearance. She is a small teenager with short black hair styled in a chin-length bob and large auburn eyes. Kirika’s physical appearance contrasts with her deadly skills as an assassin, often catching opponents off guard.


As an assassin, Kirika Yuumura possesses exceptional combat skills and marksmanship. Her weapon of choice is an Italian-made Beretta M1934 chambered in 9mm. Despite its limited magazine capacity and firepower, Kirika makes up for it with her superior marksmanship. Her expertise lies in close combat, where she demonstrates remarkable agility and precision in dispatching her targets.


Kirika Yuumura’s journey begins when she wakes up in Japan with no memories and no clear understanding of her past. When she encounters a student ID with her picture on it, she assumes its identity and uses it as a starting point to unravel her mysterious past. Her path intertwines with Mireille Bouquet, a renowned assassin who becomes her partner and guide. Together they travel to Paris, Mireille’s hometown, adopt the name Noir, and delve into the dark underworld of Europe. Throughout their journey, Kirika gradually uncovers fragments of her true origins and unravels the secrets hidden in her past.
In the world of Noir, Kirika Yuumura is a compelling character whose journey to self-discovery and redemption intertwines with her deadly skills as an assassin. As she navigates the shadows, she unravels the mystery surrounding her past and ultimately shapes her own destiny.

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Kirika Yuumura – FAQ

Who is Kirika Yuumura in “Noir”?

Kirika Yuumura is one of the main characters in the anime series “Noir”. She is a young assassin who suffers from amnesia and struggles to discover her true identity throughout the series. Kirika possesses exceptional martial arts skills and becomes the partner of Mireille Bouquet, forming a deadly assassin duo.

What are Kirika Yuumura’s characteristics?

Kirika Yuumura is portrayed as a quiet and reserved character. She often appears emotionless and detached, but deep down she harbors a strong desire to discover her past and regain her memories. Kirika is highly skilled in various forms of combat, especially in the use of firearms and melee combat.

How will Kirika Yuumura’s relationship with Mireille Bouquet develop?

Kirika forms a complex and deep bond with Mireille Bouquet over the course of the series. At first, their relationship is purely professional, as they work together as assassins. However, as they uncover more about their intertwined pasts, their connection evolves into a strong partnership built on trust, loyalty, and a shared sense of purpose.

What is Kirika Yuumura’s role in the overall plot of “Noir”?

Kirika Yuumura plays a central role in the plot of “Noir”. Her quest to recover her memories and uncover the truth about her past intertwines with the larger narrative of secret organizations, conspiracies, and secrets. As the series progresses, Kirika’s journey becomes instrumental in unraveling the mysteries surrounding the “Noir” universe.

Does Kirika Yuumura have any unique skills or powers?

While Kirika Yuumura does not possess any supernatural or extraordinary powers, she does have exceptional combat skills and agility. Her proficiency with firearms, her exceptional accuracy, and her ability to adapt to different combat situations make her a formidable assassin.

Will Kirika Yuumura’s amnesia be cured in “Noir”?

Throughout the series, Kirika’s amnesia and her search for her lost memories remain central plot points. Without spoiling the plot, it can be said that the mysteries surrounding her amnesia and true identity are gradually revealed, leading to a resolution that brings her character arc to a close.