Natsumi Koshigaya

Japanese Name 越谷 夏海
Romaji Name Koshigaya Natsumi
Nicknames Nattsun, Nacchan
Series Non Non Biyori
Age 13
Weight N/A
Height 156 cm
Date of Birth January 24
Blood Type B


Natsumi Koshigaya, a character from the anime series “Non Non Biyori”, is known for her fun-loving and carefree personality. She is a first-year junior at Asahigaoka Branch School and the youngest daughter of Yukiko. Natsumi likes to play pranks on others and often talks back to her mother. She has a mischievous side and tends to get into trouble often. When faced with difficult situations, Natsumi tries to shift the blame onto someone or something else. Despite her energetic and playful nature, she can also be embarrassed by her past brother complex.

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Natsumi comes from a close-knit family, with Suguru and Komari being her older siblings. She grew up in a rural environment, surrounded by the peaceful countryside of Asahigaoka. As a student at the branch school, Natsumi experiences a slower pace of life compared to students in urban areas. This background contributes to her carefree and easy-going attitude, as she enjoys the simplicity and charm of her rural upbringing.


Natsumi has a youthful appearance for her age. She stands 156 cm tall and has a slender figure. Her vibrant, short brown hair and expressive eyes give her a lively and spirited look. Natsumi’s casual attire often consists of comfortable clothing suitable for her rural lifestyle.


While Natsumi may not excel academically, she has a natural talent for coming up with ideas to have fun and entertain others. Her creativity shines through as she is often the one to suggest various activities and games for her friends. Natsumi’s ability to think outside the box and create fun experiences adds to the series’ lively atmosphere.


Natsumi Koshigaya originates from the anime and manga series “Non Non Biyori” created by Atto. The story revolves around the daily life of a group of schoolgirls living in the countryside. Natsumi plays a central role in the series, bringing energy and excitement to the group’s adventures. Her character embodies the carefree and playful spirit often associated with rural life.
In the world of Non Non Biyori, Natsumi’s interactions with her friends and family show the joys and challenges of growing up in a close-knit community. Her character development throughout the series highlights her maturation and growth as she navigates the ups and downs of adolescence.

Natsumi Koshigaya – FAQ

Who is Natsumi Koshigaya?

Natsumi Koshigaya is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Non Non Biyori”. She is one of the main characters and is known for her energetic and mischievous personality.

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How old is Natsumi Koshigaya?

Natsumi Koshigaya is a middle school student, and her exact age is not given in the series. However, she is depicted as being around 13-14 years old.

What is Natsumi’s role in “Non Non Biyori”?

Natsumi Koshigaya is one of the main characters in “Non Non Biyori”. She is a member of the Asahigaoka Branch School, a small rural school in the countryside. Natsumi is known for her playful and carefree nature, often getting into amusing situations with her friends.

What are Natsumi’s personality traits?

Natsumi is energetic, mischievous, and often acts without thinking. She is carefree and loves to play pranks and tease her friends. Natsumi can be lazy at times and is not particularly motivated when it comes to her studies. However, she is also kindhearted and cares deeply about her friendships.

Does Natsumi have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, Natsumi Koshigaya has an older brother by the name of Suguru Koshigaya. Suguru is a high school student and is known to be very intelligent and mature for his age. Natsumi sometimes relies on her brother for help with her studies.

What is Natsumi’s relationship like with her classmates?

Natsumi gets along well with her classmates and has formed close friendships with them. She often hangs out with her friends Renge Miyauchi, Hotaru Ichijo, and Komari Koshigaya. Natsumi enjoys spending time with them and participating in various activities and adventures in the countryside.