Miina Miyafuji

Original Name: 宮藤 深衣奈
Romanized Name: Miyafuji Miina
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Onegai☆Twins
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Miina Miyafuji is portrayed as having a hyperactive and outgoing personality. She is generally happy, but is actually hiding things about her past. Miina develops feelings for the male protagonist, Maiku, but is afraid to act on them because she might be his sister.


Miina’s background is not explicitly stated, but it is mentioned that she hides things about her past. This suggests that she may have some sort of mysterious or complicated past.

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Miina has short pink hair and is described as having an enthusiastic and energetic appearance. This matches her hyperactive personality.


The source material does not provide specific details about Miina’s abilities. As a main character in the series, she is likely to have skills and talents relevant to the story, but these are not explicitly stated.


Miina Miyafuji is a character from the anime and manga series “Onegai☆Twins”. She is one of the main heroines of the story.

Miina Miyafuji – FAQ

Here are 6 FAQs about Miina Miyafuji from “Onegai☆Twins”:

Who is Miina Miyafuji?

Miina Miyafuji is one of the main characters in the anime series “Onegai☆Twins”. She is a young girl who lives with her twin sister Miho and her uncle Maiku. Miina is cheerful, energetic, and optimistic, often getting excited about various activities and events.

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What is the relationship between Miina and her twin sister Miho?

Miina and Miho have a very close and loving twin sister relationship. They are almost always seen together and rely on each other for support and companionship. Despite occasional sibling bickering, Miina and Miho care deeply for each other and work together to overcome the challenges they face.

Does Miina have any special skills or powers?

Miina does not have any obvious supernatural powers or abilities. However, she is described as being highly empathetic and intuitive, often able to sense the emotions and intentions of those around her. This allows her to provide comfort and support to her friends and family when they need it most.

What is Miina’s role in the overall plot of “Onegai☆Twins”?

As one of the main characters, Miina’s actions and relationships play a crucial role in the events of the series. She becomes involved in the search for the boy who may be either her or Miho’s long-lost twin brother, and her interactions with the other characters help drive the story forward.

How does Miina’s personality compare to that of her twin sister Miho?

Although Miina and Miho are very close, they have very different personalities. Miina is more energetic, outgoing, and optimistic, often serving as the driving force behind the sisters’ adventures. Miho, on the other hand, is more reserved and introspective, providing a calming presence to balance Miina’s exuberance.

What is Miina’s role in the show’s romantic storylines?

Miina is not directly involved in any of the major romantic relationships that develop throughout the series. However, her supportive and empathetic nature often allows her to provide guidance and encouragement to the other characters as they navigate their own romantic entanglements.