Masumi Seki

Japanese Name 関 真澄
Romaji Name Masumi Seki
Nicknames None
Series Oyasumi Punpun
Age Varies throughout the series
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified

Masumi Seki from “Oyasumi Punpun

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Masumi Seki, a character from the manga series “Oyasumi Punpun”, is portrayed as having a rough personality. Despite his rough exterior, he often maintains a cool and indifferent expression, even when he is upset. Masumi is known to have a phobia of fire, which stems from a traumatic event in his childhood. However, he faces his fear in the epilogue of the series when he bravely enters a burning building to save his friend Shimizu. Masumi is also portrayed as a smoker, as he is seen smoking cigarettes throughout the story.


Masumi Seki is introduced as one of Punpun’s childhood friends and shares a close bond with Shimizu. He comes from a family that owns Seki Lunches, which once had business ties to a now-abandoned miso factory. Masumi’s character development is influenced by the incident at the miso factory, where his dropped cigarette causes an explosion while Shimizu is still inside. This event has a lasting effect on Masumi, leading to his fear of fire.


Masumi Seki is characterized by his rough demeanor and indifferent expression. He maintains a cool and detached demeanor, even during emotionally charged moments. Notably, he has a permanent scar above the tip of his nose, which is often covered by a bandage during his elementary school years. Masumi is usually seen wearing casual clothes.


Although Masumi Seki’s abilities are not explicitly emphasized in the “Oyasumi Punpun” series, his character shows resilience and courage. Despite his phobia of fire, he overcomes his fear to save Shimizu at critical moments. Masumi’s determination and willingness to face his fears demonstrate his strength of character.


Masumi Seki is a fictional character created by Inio Asano for the manga series “Oyasumi Punpun”. The series follows the life of Punpun Onodera, a young boy navigating the complexities of adolescence and adulthood. Masumi plays a significant role as one of Punpun’s childhood friends, and his character development is intertwined with the narrative themes explored throughout the series.
Please note that the information provided is based on the character’s portrayal in the “Oyasumi Punpun” manga series and may not include all aspects of the character’s story.

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Masumi Seki – FAQ

Who is Masumi Seki in “Oyasumi Punpun”?

Masumi Seki is a character in the manga series “Oyasumi Punpun” created by Inio Asano. She is a classmate and love interest of the protagonist, Punpun Onodera.

What is Masumi Seki’s personality like?

Masumi Seki is portrayed as a quiet and reserved girl. She is often seen as mysterious and enigmatic, keeping her emotions hidden. Masumi is introspective and spends a lot of time contemplating her thoughts and feelings.

How does Masumi Seki’s relationship with Punpun develop?

Masumi and Punpun’s relationship begins as a friendship in high school. Over time, they develop romantic feelings for each other. However, their relationship is complicated and marked by moments of distance and misunderstanding.

What is Masumi Seki’s role in the story?

Masumi Seki is an important character in the story. Her presence influences Punpun’s growth and development throughout the series. She represents Punpun’s idealized concept of love and becomes an integral part of his coming-of-age journey.

How does Masumi Seki deal with her own personal struggles?

Masumi Seki battles her own personal demons and struggles with issues of self-worth and identity. She often withdraws from others and engages in introspection as a means of coping. Masumi’s internal conflicts add depth to her character and contribute to the overall themes of the story.

Does Masumi Seki have any significant relationships with other characters?

Aside from her relationship with Punpun, Masumi Seki forms relationships with other characters in the series. She interacts with Punpun’s friends, classmates, and family members, each interaction shedding light on different aspects of her character.