Makoto Tsukimoto

Japanese Name 月本 誠
Romaji Name Makoto Tsukimoto
Nicknames Smile
Series Ping Pong the Animation
Age Varies depending on the source material
Weight Varies depending on the source material
Height Varies depending on the source material
Date of Birth Varies depending on the source material
Blood Type Varies depending on the source material

Makoto Tsukimoto – The enigmatic ping pong prodigy


Makoto Tsukimoto, commonly known as Smile, is a central character in the anime series “Ping Pong the Animation”. He has a reserved and introverted personality, often maintaining a stoic and emotionless facade. Smile approaches table tennis with a serious and methodical mindset, viewing it as a job or a way to pass the time rather than a source of enjoyment. He rarely smiles, hence the ironic nickname given to him by his club members.


Makoto Tsukimoto is a freshman at Katase High School and a member of the school’s table tennis club. He is widely regarded as one of the most talented players on the team, along with his best friend, Yutaka “Peco” Hoshino. Despite his exceptional skills, Smile lacks the ambition and competitive drive that many of his peers possess. This is due to his past experiences and a sense of detachment from the sport.


In terms of appearance, Makoto Tsukimoto has black hair and typically wears glasses. He has a lean and slender build, which allows him to move quickly and accurately on the table. His unassuming appearance often belies his extraordinary talent and skill.


While Smile may not display a fiery passion for the sport, his table tennis skills are nothing short of exceptional. He possesses remarkable technique, precision, and agility, allowing him to execute shots with unparalleled accuracy. His strategic approach to the game, combined with his natural talent, makes him a formidable opponent at the table.


Makoto Tsukimoto’s journey in table tennis began during his childhood. He first discovered his talent for the sport while participating in a junior table tennis tournament with his childhood friends. It was during this tournament that he experienced his first real smile after winning alongside his friends. This event played a significant role in shaping his perspective on the game and earned him the ironic nickname “Smile.
Throughout the Ping Pong the Animation series, Makoto Tsukimoto’s character undergoes personal growth and development as he navigates the competitive world of table tennis. His journey explores themes of passion, friendship, and self-discovery as he learns to reconcile his reserved nature with his untapped potential.

Makoto Tsukimoto – FAQ

FAQ about Makoto Tsukimoto of “Ping Pong the Animation”.

Who is Makoto Tsukimoto?
Makoto Tsukimoto, commonly known as Smile, is one of the main characters in the anime series “Ping Pong the Animation”. He is a talented and shy table tennis player with exceptional skills.
What is Makoto Tsukimoto’s playing style?
Makoto Tsukimoto’s playing style is characterized by his defensive approach. He is characterized by his ability to return powerful shots with precise and controlled counterattacks. His defensive strategy often frustrates his opponents.
How does Makoto Tsukimoto’s personality affect his playing style?
Makoto Tsukimoto’s reserved and introverted nature is reflected in his playing style. His defensive approach allows him to maintain a calm and controlled demeanor at the table, making it difficult for his opponents to break through his defenses.
What motivates Makoto Tsukimoto to play table tennis?
Makoto Tsukimoto’s motivation to play table tennis stems from his friendship with his childhood friend and fellow table tennis player, Yutaka Hoshino, also known as Peco. Makoto’s desire to support and compete with Peco drives him to continue playing the sport.
Does Makoto Tsukimoto have a weakness?
Makoto Tsukimoto’s defensive style of play can sometimes become a weakness. His focus on defense can lead him to be overly cautious and lack aggression in his shots. Additionally, his reserved personality can hinder his ability to express his emotions and communicate effectively with his teammates.
Does Makoto Tsukimoto undergo character development in the series?
Yes, Makoto Tsukimoto undergoes significant character development throughout the series. As the story progresses, he begins to embrace his passion for table tennis more openly and develops a more balanced style of play that combines defense and offense. He also learns to open up emotionally and form stronger bonds with his teammates.