Priapus A. Tarou

Original Name (Japanese): プリアポス・A・太郎
Romaji Name: Priapus A. Tarou
Nicknames: Priapus
Series: Gyee
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Priapus A. Tarou, also known simply as Priapus, is portrayed as an arrogant yet charismatic figure. He carries himself with a sense of confidence and superiority, reflecting his status as the Greek god of reproduction. Despite his powerful abilities, Priapus can also be described as somewhat deadly and fearsome, willing to use his influence to further his divine mission.


Priapus is a character from the mobile game Gyee. In the game’s lore, he is a Draconian messenger sent by the god Zeus to make all human males homosexual in order to destroy humanity’s ability to reproduce and leave children. This mirrors the ancient Greek myth of Priapus, the god of fertility, male genitalia, and guardian of gardens and vineyards.

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Priapus is described as having a human-like appearance, with a tall and muscular build. He has dark hair and piercing eyes, giving him an alluring and captivating presence. Priapus is often depicted wearing elaborate, regal-looking clothing that emphasizes his divine status.


As the Greek god of reproduction, Priapus has the power to influence and manipulate human sexuality. While the extent of his abilities is not fully detailed, it is implied that he can use his divine influence to sway men toward homosexuality, fulfilling the task assigned to him by Zeus.


Priapus A. Tarou is a character who first appeared in the doujin series “Priapus” by the artist Mentaiko. He later made a notable appearance in the mobile game Gyee, where his mythology and backstory as a Draconian ambassador were expanded upon. The character is inspired by the ancient Greek deity Priapus, combining elements of mythology with a modern interpretation.

Priapus A. Tarou – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Priapus A. Tarou from “Priapus”:

Who is Priapus A. Tarou?

Priapus A. Tarou is the main character of the novel “Priapus”. He is a young man living in a small town who becomes involved in a supernatural mystery involving an ancient fertility deity named Priapus. Tarou must navigate his newfound role as a vessel for this powerful and unpredictable god while dealing with the personal and social consequences of his transformation.

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What are Priapus A. Tarou’s main personality traits?

Priapus A. Tarou is portrayed as a serious, introspective young man who is thrust into extraordinary circumstances beyond his control. He is initially shy and unsure of himself, but gradually becomes more confident and determined as he comes to terms with his new reality. Tarou is also shown to have a strong moral compass, often struggling to reconcile the demands of the Priapus entity with his own ethical principles.

A. How does Tarou’s role as a vessel for Priapus affect his life?

Becoming a vessel for the fertility god Priapus has a profound and disruptive effect on Tarou’s life. He must come to terms with the immense power and primal urges of the Priapus entity, which often clash with Tarou’s own desires and self-control. This leads to numerous personal and interpersonal conflicts as Tarou struggles to maintain his identity and relationships amidst the god’s influence. The novel explores how Tarou navigates these challenges and the high personal cost of his newfound role.

What is the significance of the deity Priapus in the story?

The deity Priapus is a central figure in the novel, representing ancient pagan beliefs and the enduring power of fertility and sexuality in human culture. As a vessel for this deity, Tarou becomes a conduit for these primal forces, which have a destabilizing effect on the city and its inhabitants. The novel delves into the mythology and symbolism of Priapus, exploring themes of divine possession, the interplay between the sacred and the profane, and the complex role of sexuality in the human experience.

How does Priapus A. Tarou’s character arc develop throughout the novel?

Throughout the novel, Priapus A. Tarou undergoes a significant character transformation. He begins as a passive, insecure young man, but is forced to confront and struggle with the influence of the Priapus entity. Through this struggle, Tarou gradually becomes more assertive, self-aware, and willing to take control of his own destiny, even as he continues to be shaped by the god’s power. The novel traces Tarou’s personal growth and his evolving relationship with the Priapus deity, culminating in a climactic resolution that tests the limits of his newfound agency.

What is the overall theme or message of the novel “Priapus”?

At its core, the novel “Priapus” explores themes of personal identity, the tension between the sacred and the profane, and the role of primal forces in shaping the human experience. Through Tarou’s journey, the novel grapples with questions of free will, the nature of divinity, and the profound impact that the intrusion of the supernatural can have on an individual’s life. Ultimately, the novel is a meditation on the complex interplay between the rational and the irrational, the conscious and the unconscious, and the ways in which the human spirit can be both liberated and constrained by forces beyond its control.