Original Name ダンディ
Romaji Name Dandi
Series Space☆Dandy
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Dandy from “Space☆Dandy”: A colorful character in a galactic adventure


Dandy, the main character of the anime series “Space☆Dandy”, is portrayed as an easy-going and somewhat forgetful young man. Despite his laid-back nature, Dandy is an alien hunter with a unique job: locating and capturing rare creatures throughout the galaxy. His carefree attitude often leads him into humorous and unpredictable situations. Dandy has a certain charm and charisma that makes him likeable, even if he is not always the most responsible individual.


Not much is known of Dandy’s background. He works as the captain of his personal starship, the Aloha Oe, and embarks on various intergalactic adventures. Dandy’s occupation as an alien hunter suggests that he has a deep curiosity about the universe and its diverse inhabitants. Although his past remains largely unknown in the series, his present life revolves around exploring new worlds and encountering alien beings.


Dandy has a distinct appearance that reflects his vibrant personality. He is portrayed as a young man with a tall and slender build. Dressed in a stylish white suit and red tie, Dandy exudes a sense of fashion and flair. His slicked-back blond hair and signature pompadour add to his unique look. Dandy’s appearance is often complemented by his confident and carefree demeanor, making him stand out in any crowd.


While Dandy may not possess any extraordinary superpowers, he demonstrates resourcefulness and adaptability in his efforts as an Alien Hunter. He relies on his keen instincts, quick reflexes, and clever problem-solving skills to navigate through challenging situations. In addition, Dandy’s ability to pilot his spaceship, the Aloha Oe, demonstrates his ability to operate advanced technology. Though he may not always succeed in capturing the rarest creatures, Dandy’s tenacity and resilience make him a formidable character.


Dandy comes from the anime series “Space☆Dandy”, a science fiction comedy set in a vast and diverse universe. Created by the renowned anime studio Bones and directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, the series follows Dandy’s adventures as he explores different planets and encounters bizarre alien creatures. “Space☆Dandy” combines elements of comedy, adventure and exploration to create a light-hearted and entertaining story. Dandy’s character contributes to the energetic and whimsical atmosphere of the series, making him a memorable protagonist in the world of anime.
Please note that the information provided is based on the character profile available on MyAnimeList.net and the anime series “Space☆Dandy”.

Dandy – FAQ

Who is Dandy in “Space☆Dandy”?

Dandy is the main character of the anime series “Space☆Dandy”. He is a dashing and eccentric space explorer who works as a bounty hunter. Dandy’s main goal is to discover new alien species in the vastness of space.

What is the Boobies Restaurant mentioned in “Space☆Dandy”?

Boobies is a recurring location in “Space☆Dandy” and serves as a popular restaurant chain in the series. It is known for its space-themed decor and waitresses dressed in revealing outfits. Boobies often serves as a meeting place for Dandy and his companions.

Does “Space Dandy” have an overarching storyline?

No, Space Dandy is primarily an episodic anime series. Each episode presents a new adventure or misadventure of Dandy and his crew. While there are some recurring elements and themes throughout the series, it generally focuses on stand-alone stories rather than a continuous narrative.

Who are Dandy’s companions in “Space☆Dandy”?

Dandy is usually accompanied by two companions. One is a robot named QT who assists Dandy in his bounty hunting efforts. The other is Meow, an alien cat-like creature from the planet Betelgeuse. Together they form an unconventional team that embarks on various space adventures.

What is the tone of “Space☆Dandy”?

“Space Dandy” is known for its comedic and lighthearted tone. The series often incorporates humor, parody, and satire, creating a whimsical and offbeat atmosphere. It combines elements of science fiction with slapstick comedy and clever wordplay, making it an entertaining and enjoyable watch.

Who is the creator of “Space☆Dandy”?

“Space☆Dandy” is an anime series directed by Shinichirō Watanabe, who is known for his work on other popular anime series such as “Cowboy Bebop” and “Samurai Champloo”. The series was produced by Bones and premiered in 2014, and features the distinctive visual style and storytelling characteristic of Watanabe’s work.