Rikka Takarada

Japanese Name 宝多 六花
Romaji Name Takarada Rikka
Nicknames None
Series SSSS.Gridman
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth December 5, 2002
Blood Type O

Rikka Takarada of SSSS.Gridman: A closer look at the character


Rikka Takarada is a kind and compassionate individual who cares deeply for her friends. As one of the main characters in the anime series SSSS.Gridman, she plays an important role in supporting the protagonist, Yuta Hibiki. Rikka is known for her kind and helpful nature, especially when it comes to helping Yuta with his amnesia. Despite her initial reservations about joining the Gridman Alliance, she develops a strong determination to fight alongside Yuta and protect her loved ones from the kaiju threats.


Rikka Takarada is a classmate of Yuta Hibiki and the only female member of the Gridman Alliance. One day, she discovered an amnesiac boy in front of her house, who turned out to be Yuta. This encounter marked the beginning of their friendship and subsequent involvement in the fight against the Kaiju. Rikka’s desire for a normal life conflicts with her desire for Yuta to continue fighting as a Gridman, highlighting her selfless nature and dedication to their cause.


Rikka Takarada has a distinct appearance that reflects her character. She is often seen wearing a long cardigan, which has become something of a trademark for her. Her gorgeous legs are also notable features that add to her unique charm. The attention to detail in her character design showcases her keen sense of fashion and adds to her overall appeal.


Although Rikka Takarada has no supernatural abilities or powers of her own, her contribution to the Gridman Alliance is invaluable. She provides unwavering support to Yuta and the team, offering emotional support and acting as a grounding force during their battles against the Kaiju. Her empathetic nature and dedication to protecting her friends make her an indispensable member of the group.


Rikka Takarada originated in the world of SSSS.Gridman, an anime series set in a futuristic city under constant threat from monstrous creatures known as Kaiju. Created by the minds behind the show, her character serves as a catalyst for the development of the plot and the relationships between the main characters. Rikka’s journey from an ordinary high school student to a key member of the Gridman Alliance contributes to the overarching narrative of the series.

Rikka Takarada – FAQ

Who is Rikka Takarada in “SSSS.Gridman”?

Rikka Takarada is one of the main characters in the anime series “SSSS.Gridman”. She is a high school student and the childhood friend of the protagonist, Yuta Hibiki. Rikka is a kind-hearted and level-headed girl who provides emotional support to her friends throughout the series.

What is Rikka Takarada’s role in SSSS.Gridman?

Rikka plays an important role in the story as a member of the Gridman Alliance, a group of students who fight against Kaiju attacks in their city. While she doesn’t have any special abilities like her friends, she provides crucial support by analyzing data, coordinating their efforts, and offering moral support.

What is the relationship between Rikka Takarada and Yuta Hibiki?

Rikka and Yuta have been close friends since childhood. Their relationship is portrayed as both supportive and complex throughout the series. Rikka harbors romantic feelings for Yuta, but struggles to express them due to the circumstances and challenges they face.

What are Rikka Takarada’s personality traits?

Rikka is known for her calm and collected demeanor. She is caring, dependable, and often acts as a voice of reason within the Gridman Alliance. Rikka is also shown to be intelligent and resourceful, using her analytical skills to help her friends in their battles against Kaiju.

Does Rikka Takarada have any special skills?

No, Rikka doesn’t have any special abilities like her friends in the Gridman Alliance. However, her role is essential, as she provides valuable support through her analytical and coordination skills. Her determination and unwavering support for her friends make her a vital member of the team.

How does Rikka Takarada contribute to the overall story of SSSS.Gridman?

Rikka’s character arc revolves around her personal growth and coming to terms with her feelings for Yuta while facing the challenges of the kaiju attacks. She plays an important role in strengthening the bonds between the members of the Gridman Alliance and provides emotional support to Yuta and the other characters throughout the series.