Kratos Aurion

Japanese Name クラトス・アウリオン
Romaji Name Kuratosu Aurion
Nicknames None
Series Tales of Symphonia The Animation: Sylvarant-hen
Age 28 (physical)
Weight 173 lbs (78 kg)
Height 6’1″ (186 cm)
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


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A Character Analysis


Kratos Aurion, one of the main protagonists in “Tales of Symphonia: Sylvarant-Hen,” is a complex character with a multi-faceted personality. Initially portrayed as a cold and heartless mercenary, Kratos is an expert swordsman who often clashes with the main character, Lloyd Irving. As the story progresses, however, Kratos begins to reveal glimpses of a troubled past and gradually opens up. Despite his stoic demeanor, he shows a deep sense of loyalty and a willingness to protect others, especially Colette, whom he is assigned to guard.


Kratos Aurion’s history stretches back thousands of years. He played a pivotal role in the ancient world during the Kharlan War, alongside the hero Mithos Yggdrasill. After the war ended, Kratos, along with Mithos and their comrades Yuan and Martel, founded the Order of Cruxis and ascended to the realm of Derris-Kharlan. They also founded the Church of Martel and the Desian Organization to further their plans.


Kratos Aurion cuts a striking figure with his tall and imposing physique. He stands 6’1″ (186 cm) and weighs 173 lbs (78 kg). With his icy blue eyes and silver hair, Kratos has an air of mystery and wisdom. He is often seen wearing a distinctive outfit befitting his role as a mercenary, adorned with a combination of black and white garments.


Kratos possesses exceptional swordsmanship and combat skills, making him a formidable warrior. He wields swords and daggers with precision and finesse, capable of dispatching enemies with ease. In addition, Kratos has extensive knowledge of the ancient world, allowing him to provide valuable insight and guidance to his companions, especially Lloyd. He is also known to possess magical abilities, facilitated by the ingestion of a magical stone called Aionis, which gives him the power to cast spells and use magical weapons.

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Kratos Aurion’s origin is deeply intertwined with the events of Tales of Symphonia. As a human turned angel, Kratos underwent a transformation facilitated by the ingestion of Aionis. This transformation gave him magical abilities and allowed him to become one of the Four Seraphim, along with Mithos, Yuan and Martel. Kratos’ journey spans thousands of years, and his experiences shape his character and influence his actions throughout the story.
Kratos Aurion’s character arc in “Tales of Symphonia: The Animation: Sylvarant-Hen” shows his evolution from a cold and distant mercenary to a more compassionate and introspective individual. His past, abilities, and involvement in pivotal events make him a central and intriguing character in the series. As viewers follow his journey, they are sure to be captivated by his development and the impact he has on the overarching story.

Kratos Aurion – FAQ

Who is Kratos Aurion in “Tales of Symphonia: The Animation: Sylvaran Hen”?

Kratos Aurion is a major character in Tales of Symphonia: Sylvarant-hen”. He is a skilled swordsman and one of the main protagonists of the series.

What is Kratos Aurion’s role in the story?

Kratos Aurion serves as a mentor and guide to the main group of characters in the series. He provides them with valuable knowledge and guidance throughout their journey.

What are Kratos Aurion’s skills and abilities?

Kratos Aurion is a highly skilled swordsman and possesses powerful martial arts skills. He is also a skilled magician, capable of casting a variety of spells. In addition, he has extensive knowledge of ancient technology and is proficient in its use.

What is Kratos Aurion’s relationship to the other characters?

Kratos Aurion has a complex relationship with the other characters in the series. He is initially mysterious and distant, but gradually forms bonds with the main group, especially with the protagonist, Lloyd Irving.

Does Kratos Aurion have a backstory?

Yes, Kratos Aurion has a significant backstory that will be gradually revealed throughout the series. Without giving too much away, his past is closely tied to the events of the world and plays a crucial role in the overarching narrative.

What are some notable moments or highlights involving Kratos Aurion?

Kratos Aurion has several notable moments in Tales of Symphonia: The Animation: Sylvarant-Hen”. These include his impressive displays of combat prowess, his pivotal role in key plot developments, and the emotional conflicts he faces as a complex character.