Choi Mochimazzi

Japanese Name チョイ・モチマッヅィ / お付き
Romaji Name Choi Mochimazzi / Otsuki
Nicknames None
Series Tamako Market
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


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A vibrant character from “Tamako Market


Choi Mochimazzi is a lively and spirited character from the anime series “Tamako Market”. She is portrayed as a fortune teller from a tropical island who is sent to live with Tamako to keep an eye on Dera, another character in the series. Choi is known for her optimistic and cheerful nature, often bringing a sense of energy and enthusiasm to the story. Despite her petite appearance, she has a strong and determined personality that adds depth to her character.


While information about Choi’s background is limited, it is revealed that she comes from a tropical place and is associated with fortune telling. Her arrival in the series is prompted by the need to monitor Dera, the talking bird, who is also from her homeland. Although her exact role and purpose are not fully explored, Choi’s presence in the story adds an element of mystery and intrigue.


Choi Mochimazzi is depicted as a petite girl with short, jet-black hair and deep magenta eyes. Her skin tone is described as brown, which distinguishes her from other characters in the series. She is often seen wearing a traditional, foreign dress adorned with necklaces. Notably, Choi is always barefoot and adorns herself with gold anklets and bracelets, showing her unique sense of style.


While no specific abilities or powers are explicitly stated to be possessed by Choi, it is implied that she has a talent for divination. Her role as a fortune teller suggests a heightened sense of intuition and sensitivity to the supernatural. However, the extent and accuracy of her abilities are not explored in detail in the series.

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Choi Mochimazzi is from the anime series “Tamako Market”. She first appears in the main series “Tamako Market”, where she serves as a supporting character. Choi also appears in the specials of the series and the movie adaptation titled “Tamako Love Story”. Through her interactions and involvement in the plot, Choi contributes to the development of the story and the dynamics between the characters.
Choi Mochimazzi is a vivid and memorable character in Tamako Market. Her vibrant personality, unique appearance, and implied fortune-telling abilities make her an intriguing addition to the series. While her background and origins are not explored in depth, Choi’s presence brings a sense of charm and excitement to the anime, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Choi Mochimazzi – FAQ

Who is Choi Mochimazzi?

Choi Mochimazzi is a character from the anime series “Tamako Market”. He is a talking bird who loves to eat mochi and often hangs out in the Usagiyama shopping district.

What kind of bird is Choi Mochimazzi?

Choi Mochimazzi is a talking white bird with a round body and small wings. His species is not explicitly mentioned in the series, but he resembles a cross between a pigeon and a dove.

What is Choi Mochimazzi’s role in “Tamako Market”?

Choi Mochimazzi serves as a comedic character in Tamako Market. He often provides comic relief and adds lightheartedness to the story. His main purpose is to express his love for mochi and interact with the other characters.

Does Choi Mochimazzi have any special powers?

Although Choi Mochimazzi is a talking bird, he does not have any special abilities or powers. He is best known for his insatiable love of mochi and his humorous antics.

What is Choi Mochimazzi’s personality like?

Choi Mochimazzi is portrayed as a happy and carefree character. He is always seen with a big smile and has a playful nature. He is also known to be quite gluttonous, especially when it comes to eating mochi.

Does Choi Mochimazzi have any friends?

Choi Mochimazzi is friends with the main protagonist, Tamako Kitashirakawa, and her group of friends. He often interacts with them in the Usagiyama shopping district and participates in their daily activities.

Is Choi Mochimazzi a main character in “Tamako Market”?

Although Choi Mochimazzi is a recurring character in Tamako Market, he is not considered one of the main characters. The focus of the series is on Tamako and her interactions with the people in her community.