Kasumi Toyama

Original Name 戸山 香澄
Romaji Name Toyama Kasumi
Nicknames Kasumin
Series Yes! BanG_Dream!
Age Third Year
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth July 14th
Blood Type Cancer


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The energetic protagonist of “Yes! BanG_Dream!”


Kasumi Toyama, the main protagonist of “Yes! BanG_Dream!”, is a character known for her vibrant and energetic personality. She is very active and always has a positive outlook on life. Kasumi’s enthusiasm is contagious, and she brings a sense of excitement and motivation to those around her. Her determination and passion for music drive her to pursue her dreams with unwavering dedication. Kasumi’s vibrant and optimistic nature makes her a natural leader and source of inspiration for her bandmates in Poppin’Party.


Kasumi Toyama is a junior at Hanasakigawa Girls’ High School. She is the leader, vocalist, rhythm guitarist and lyricist of Poppin’Party, a band formed by a group of friends who share a love for music. Outside of her musical endeavors, Kasumi has formed close friendships with the other singers in the series. Her relationships with characters such as Minato Yukina and Maruyama Aya add depth to her character and show her ability to connect with others.


Kasumi has a distinctive appearance that reflects her vibrant personality. She has short, orange hair, often styled in twin tails, which adds to her youthful and energetic image. Her expressive, bright blue eyes captivate those around her and convey her emotions with great intensity. Kasumi’s fashion sense is characterized by colorful and playful outfits that reflect her lively nature and love of self-expression through her clothing choices.


As the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Poppin’Party, Kasumi possesses a remarkable musical talent. She has a powerful and melodic singing voice that adds depth and emotion to the band’s performances. Her skills as a rhythm guitarist complement her vocal abilities, allowing her to contribute to the band’s energetic and captivating sound. Kasumi’s ability to write lyrics shows her creativity and passion for music, as she pours her heart into every song she creates.

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Kasumi Toyama comes from the multimedia franchise “BanG Dream!” which includes various media such as anime, manga, and mobile games. She made her debut in the anime series “Yes! BanG_Dream!” and quickly became a beloved character among fans. Kasumi’s story revolves around her journey to form Poppin’Party and achieve success as a musician. Throughout the series, she faces challenges and grows both as an individual and as a member of her band, inspiring others with her vibrant spirit and unwavering dedication to her dreams.

Kasumi Toyama – FAQ

Who is Kasumi Toyama?

Kasumi Toyama is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the multimedia franchise “BanG Dream! She is the lead singer and guitarist of the band Poppin’Party.

What is Kasumi Toyama’s personality like?

Kasumi is known for her energetic and upbeat personality. She is determined and passionate about music, always striving to bring happiness to others through her performances. However, she can also be impulsive and stubborn at times.

How old is Kasumi Toyama?

Kasumi Toyama is a high school student, and her exact age is not given in the series. However, based on the storyline, she is usually portrayed as being around 16 or 17 years old.

What are Kasumi Toyama’s hobbies?

Kasumi’s main hobby is playing the guitar, which she is incredibly passionate about. She also enjoys singing, songwriting, and performing with her band, Poppin’Party. In her free time, she often explores new musical genres and seeks inspiration for her music.

Does Kasumi Toyama have any special skills?

Although Kasumi doesn’t have any supernatural or extraordinary abilities, she has a remarkable talent for music. Her strong determination and unwavering passion for music allow her to overcome challenges and grow as a musician.

What is Kasumi Toyama’s role in the band Poppin’Party?

Kasumi is the lead vocalist and guitarist of Poppin’Party. She is the driving force behind the band and is responsible for the formation of the band. Kasumi’s energetic personality and powerful vocals contribute to the band’s lively and energetic performances.