Original Name (Japanese): 呉 鏐侯 (Gi Ayuru)
Romanized Name: Gi Ayuru
Nicknames: Nakago
Series: Fushigi Yuugi
Age: 25
Weight: 74 kg
Height: 183 cm
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Nakago is portrayed as a ruthless and charismatic individual. He is willing to eliminate those whose usefulness to him has outlived their usefulness, and skillfully manipulates others to do his bidding. Nakago displays a high degree of self-control and calculation in his actions, often hiding his true intentions behind a calm and collected demeanor.


Nakago, whose real name is Ayuru Gi, is the last survivor of the Hin tribe, a people who were destroyed by order of the Emperor of Kutō. After witnessing the rape of his mother by Kutō soldiers, Nakago’s powers as a Celestial Warrior were awakened, and he killed the soldiers as well as his own mother. Recognized as a Celestial Warrior, Nakago was brought to the Emperor, where his natural beauty led to his sexual abuse. Over time, Nakago gained complete control of his abilities and became a seemingly loyal soldier of Kutō, all the while plotting to betray the Emperor.

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Nakago is described as a tall, well-built man with strikingly handsome features. He has long, blond hair and blue eyes that are said to be captivating. Nakago often wears the uniform of a high-ranking Kutō general, which includes a white tunic and dark blue outer robe.


As a Celestial Warrior, Nakago possesses formidable powers, including the ability to manipulate chi, allowing him to become psychokinetic, fire energy blasts, and erect force fields. In battle, Nakago also uses a whip and a sword as his primary weapons.


Nakago’s origins lie in the Hin tribe, a people destroyed by the Emperor of Kutō. The tragic events of his childhood, including witnessing the rape and murder of his mother and his subsequent abuse by the Emperor, shaped Nakago’s personality and motivations as the main antagonist of the Fushigi Yuugi series.

Nakago – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Nakago from “Fushigi Yuugi”:

Who is Nakago?

Nakago is a major antagonist character in the anime and manga series “Fushigi Yuugi”. He is the powerful leader of the Seiryu Seven, the heavenly warriors of the god Seiryu who protect the priestess of Seiryu. Nakago is a complex and morally ambiguous character who plays a central role in the overall story.

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What is Nakago’s backstory?

Nakago was born as Amiboshi, a twin of Suboshi, in the Kutou Empire. As a child, his village was destroyed and his family killed, leaving him traumatized. He was then taken into the Kutou military and trained to become a powerful warrior and strategist, eventually rising to become the leader of the Seiryu Seven.

What are Nakago’s abilities?

Nakago is an extremely skilled fighter and sorcerer. He possesses immense physical strength and martial arts skills, as well as the power to manipulate spiritual energy and use advanced Seishi abilities such as telekinesis. Nakago is also a brilliant military tactician and a master of psychological manipulation.

What is Nakago’s relationship to the other Seiryu Seven?

Nakago commands absolute loyalty from the other Seiryu Seven, though his relationships with them are complex. He often treats them with disdain and uses them as pawns in his schemes, though he seems to have a genuine attachment to some, like Soi. The other Seiryu Seven both fear and respect Nakago’s overwhelming power and influence.

What are Nakago’s motives?

Nakago is driven by a desire for power, revenge, and ultimately control over his own destiny. His traumatic past has left him jaded and cynical, and he seeks to use the powers of the Seiryu God to remake the world as he sees fit. His motivations are not entirely selfish, however, as he also wishes to free his homeland from the oppression of the Konan Empire.

How does Nakago’s character develop throughout the story?

Nakago begins as a ruthless and seemingly irredeemable villain, but as the story progresses, glimpses of his humanity and inner turmoil are revealed. His complex relationships with characters like Yui and Tamahome add nuance to his character. While he remains a dangerous antagonist, Nakago’s backstory and motivations make him a compelling and multifaceted character.