Seiji Ogata

Original Name (Japanese) 緒方精次
Romaji Name Ogata Seiji
Nicknames None
Series Hikaru no Go
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth January 17
Blood Type Unknown


Seiji Ogata is a highly intelligent and skilled go professional. He is known for his calm and analytical demeanor, often carefully considering his moves before playing. Ogata is deeply passionate about the game of Go and is driven to constantly improve his skills. He can be competitive and ambitious, striving to win prestigious go titles. Despite his serious nature, Ogata occasionally displays a dry wit and sarcastic humor, especially when interacting with his rival Akira Touya.


Ogata is a student of legendary go player Koyo Touya. After Touya’s retirement, Ogata went on to win the prestigious Judan and Gosei titles, cementing his status as one of the top go professionals in Japan. He is part of a new generation of go players challenging the established order.

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Ogata has a refined and intellectual appearance, often described as fashionable. He has short, dark hair and wears stylish glasses. His attire is usually formal, with suits and ties, befitting his status as a high-ranking go professional.


Ogata is an exceptionally skilled go player, holding 9th dan, the highest professional rank. His game is characterized by deep strategic thinking and the ability to recognize subtle, complex moves. He is particularly adept at reading the flow of the game and exploiting his opponent’s weaknesses. Ogata’s formidable Go skills have earned him numerous title matches and victories throughout the series.


Seiji Ogata is a fictional character created by Yumi Hotta for the manga and anime series “Hikaru no Go”. He serves as a rival and foil to the series’ protagonist, Hikaru Shindo, as they both strive to become the top go player in Japan.

Seiji Ogata – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Seiji Ogata from “Hikaru no Go”:

Who is Seiji Ogata?

Seiji Ogata is a character in the anime and manga series “Hikaru no Go”. He is a strong go player and the rival of the main character, Hikaru Shindou, throughout the series.

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What is Seiji Ogata’s backstory?

Ogata is a 6-dan professional go player and the student of Tōya Meijin, the father of Akira Tōya, another major character in the series. Ogata is highly skilled and ambitious, striving to surpass both Hikaru and Akira and become the top go player in Japan.

How does Ogata’s relationship with Hikaru develop over the course of the series?

At the beginning of the series, Ogata sees Hikaru as a mere amateur and is dismissive of his abilities. However, as Hikaru rapidly improves and begins to challenge Ogata’s status, their rivalry intensifies. In time, Ogata comes to respect Hikaru’s talent and growth as a go player, even as he remains determined to defeat him.

What is Ogata’s playing style?

Ogata is known for his aggressive and calculated style of play. He excels at reading deep into the game and ruthlessly exploiting any weaknesses in his opponent’s position. His mastery of joseki (standardized local patterns) and fuseki (opening) theory is also a major strength.

Has Ogata ever defeated Hikaru in an official match?

Yes, Ogata manages to defeat Hikaru in an official game towards the end of the series. This victory is a significant milestone for Ogata, as it reaffirms his status as one of the top go players in Japan.

How does Ogata’s character develop throughout the story?

Initially portrayed as a cold and arrogant rival, Ogata’s character becomes more nuanced over time. While he remains fiercely competitive, he also begins to recognize Hikaru’s talent and potential, and the two develop a grudging mutual respect. Ogata’s own drive and ambition are also explored in greater depth.