Shichika Yasuri

Original Name 鑢 七花
Romaji Name Yasuri Shichika
Nicknames Shichirin, Kyotouryuu-chan
Series Katanagatari
Age Varies throughout the series
Weight Varies throughout the series
Height Varies throughout the series
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown



The protagonist of “Katanagatari”.


Shichika Yasuri, the male protagonist of the anime series “Katanagatari”, is portrayed as a straightforward and casual individual. He often acts as the straight man to Togame’s antics. Shichika’s personality is characterized by his dedication to his training and his strong sense of loyalty to his older sister, Nanami, who is in poor health. Despite his straightforward nature, Shichika is also portrayed as someone who is not well versed in social interactions, especially with women. However, he has a deep love for Togame, the strategist who recruits him for a mission, and their relationship forms a significant part of the story.


Shichika Yasuri comes from a unique background. He is the current head of the Kyotou-ryuu style, a sword-fighting technique passed down through generations. Shichika was rigorously trained by his father, who was the previous head of the style. Raised on a remote island with his sister Nanami, Shichika’s martial skills far outweigh his social skills. His isolated upbringing has shaped him into a formidable warrior, dedicated to his training and the protection of his loved ones.


In terms of appearance, Shichika Yasuri is depicted as a young man with a slender build and dark, shoulder-length hair. He has a somewhat plain and unassuming appearance, reflecting his straightforward personality. Shichika’s clothing is simple and practical, usually consisting of a loose-fitting kimono and a pair of sandals. His physical appearance matches his no-nonsense approach to life and combat.


Shichika’s fighting skills are a focal point of his character. As the head of the Kyotou-ryuu style, he possesses exceptional sword fighting skills. What sets Shichika apart is his ability to win fights without relying on Kyotou-ryuu techniques. Over the years, he has developed his own unique moves within the style. Shichika’s strength lies not only in his physical prowess, but also in his strategic thinking and adaptability during fights.


Shichika Yasuri’s origin is closely tied to his role as the protagonist of “Katanagatari”. The series follows his journey alongside Togame, a strategist, as they embark on a quest to collect the twelve deviant swords. Their mission takes them on a dangerous adventure filled with battles, alliances, and personal growth. Shichika’s origins on the remote island and his training in the Kyotou-ryuu style provide the foundation for his character development and the challenges he faces throughout the story.

Shichika Yasuri – FAQ

Who is Shichika Yasuri?

Shichika Yasuri is the main protagonist of the light novel and anime series “Katanagatari”. He is the seventh head of the Kyotoryuu, a unique style of martial arts developed by his family.

What are Shichika Yasuri’s skills?

Shichika possesses incredible physical strength and agility, making him a formidable hand-to-hand fighter. He has mastered the Kyotoryuu technique, which allows him to fight without weapons, using his body as a deadly weapon.

What is Shichika’s personality like?

Shichika is initially portrayed as a stoic and unemotional individual due to his secluded upbringing on a remote island. However, as the story progresses, he develops a more compassionate and empathetic nature, showing loyalty and determination to protect those he loves.

What is the relationship between Shichika Yasuri and Togame?

Togame is a strategist and the female protagonist of “Katanagatari”. She recruits Shichika to help her collect the twelve legendary swords known as the Deviant Blades. Over time, their relationship evolves from a purely professional partnership to a deep emotional bond.

What is Shichika’s motivation in Katanagatari?

At first, Shichika’s primary motivation is to fulfill Togame’s quest to collect the Deviant Blades. However, as the story progresses, he becomes more driven by personal growth and the desire to protect his loved ones, leading him to question his own purpose and values.

What challenges does Shichika face throughout the series?

Shichika faces numerous challenges throughout Katanagatari, including battles against skilled opponents wielding the Deviant Blades. He also faces internal conflicts regarding his identity, loyalty, and the consequences of his actions, all of which test his resolve and personal growth.