Japanese Name ゾンビマン
Romaji Name Zonbiman
Nicknames None
Series One Punch Man
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


The immortal hero of “One Punch Man”.

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Zombieman, also known as “Zonbiman”, is a prominent character in the popular anime and manga series “One Punch Man”. As an S-Class Rank 8 professional hero affiliated with the Hero Association, Zombieman has a unique and fascinating personality. He is often portrayed as serious, stoic, and pragmatic, with a no-nonsense approach to his heroic duties. Zombieman has a strong sense of justice and is dedicated to protecting humanity from threats.


Zombieman’s background is shrouded in mystery and darkness. According to available information, he was created by the House of Evolution as one of their immortal experiments. However, he managed to escape their clutches and joined the ranks of the Hero Association, using his newfound immortality to fight evil. The details of his creation and the circumstances of his escape remain unknown, leaving fans curious about his past.


Zombieman’s appearance is distinctive and memorable. He is a young man with unkempt black hair, red eyes, and thin eyebrows. His pale complexion adds to his overall mysterious aura. Zombieman is often seen wearing a worn, open coat over his black shirt, giving him a rugged and battle-hardened appearance. His appearance perfectly reflects his relentless and enduring nature as an immortal hero.


One of Zombieman’s most remarkable abilities is his immortality. As a result of experimentation at the House of Evolution, he cannot be killed by conventional means. Regardless of the severity of his injuries, Zombieman regenerates and fully recovers, making him an incredibly tough and formidable opponent. This power gives him extraordinary endurance and allows him to withstand even the most devastating attacks.
In addition to his immortality, Zombieman is a highly skilled fighter. He possesses remarkable strength, agility, and fighting skills, making him a formidable force on the battlefield. Zombieman’s fighting style revolves around endurance and surprise tactics, often lulling his enemies into a false sense of victory before striking back with unexpected ferocity.


Zombieman’s origin story is closely tied to the House of Evolution, an infamous organization known for its unethical experiments. While the exact circumstances of his creation and escape are not fully known, it is clear that he managed to escape the clutches of the House of Evolution and chose to use his immortality for the greater good. Joining the Hero Association, Zombieman became a dedicated hero, fighting against evil and protecting humanity from various threats.
Zombieman’s origin and ongoing battles against villains make for compelling storytelling, adding depth and intrigue to his character. Fans of One Punch Man are eager to learn more about his past and the secrets that lie within.

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Zombieman – FAQ

Who is Zombieman in One Punch Man?

Zombieman is a character in the manga and anime series One Punch Man. His real name is unknown, but he is a hero and a member of the Hero Association, ranked S-Class Rank 8. Zombieman has the ability to regenerate from any injury, making him nearly immortal.

What are Zombieman’s powers and abilities?

Zombieman’s main power is his incredible ability to regenerate. He can heal from any injury, no matter how severe, as long as his brain remains intact. This allows him to recover from wounds that would be fatal to normal humans. In addition, Zombieman is a highly skilled melee fighter and an expert marksman with various firearms.

How does Zombieman’s immortality work?

Zombieman’s immortality is a result of his regenerative abilities. If any part of his body is damaged or destroyed, it will quickly regenerate as long as his brain remains intact. His body can heal from injuries such as severed limbs, gunshot wounds, and even decapitation. However, his immortality does not grant him super strength or invulnerability, so he can still experience pain and fatigue.

What is Zombieman’s role in the Hero Association?

Zombieman is an S-Class Hero, the highest rank within the Hero Association. As an S-Class Hero, he is considered one of the most powerful and skilled Heroes in the Association. Zombieman takes on various missions and tasks assigned by the Hero Association to fight monsters and protect civilians from threats.

Is Zombieman really invincible?

While Zombieman’s regenerative abilities make him extremely difficult to kill, he is not invincible. Although his body can heal from almost any injury, he can still feel pain and fatigue. In addition, his regenerative powers have limits, and he can be overwhelmed by extremely powerful opponents or sustained attacks that prevent him from recovering in time.

Does Zombieman have any weaknesses?

Zombieman’s main weakness is his reliance on his regenerative powers. If his brain is destroyed or incapacitated, he will be unable to regenerate and will be permanently killed. Additionally, while his regenerative powers allow him to heal from injuries, they do not increase his physical strength or speed, so he can be overwhelmed by opponents who are significantly stronger or faster than him.